Who Is In The Mistletoe Mixup Cast, What Is Its Plot And Everything Else We Know


Aditi Narendra

Who is in the  Mistletoe Mixup cast? Is it different from the novel? Take a dive and find out. Young Holly is a professional who doesn’t have time for relationships or the holidays. According to her, the two outstanding men she meets on the same day are actually brothers. During a holiday ski trip, there is sibling competition for her attention. Will she experience true love this Christmas, or will she be alone once more?

Mistletoe Mixup Novel

The book made a serious point that was mentioned. The majority of the book is lighthearted, and neither an obnoxious nor comical introduction to the serious subject was made. It was courteous.

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The absence of “villains” and needless drama in My Mistletoe Mix-Up was another aspect I liked. It was a novella that got right to the point without wasting any time on superfluous details. For instance, if there was a disagreement, it was resolved quickly and without delay.

Mistletoe Mixup Cast

  • Danielle C. Ryan as Holly
  • Matthew Lawrence Austin
  • Joey Lawrence Tom
  • Andrew Lawrence Seth
  • Samantha Cope as Liz
  • Walter Platz as Harry
  • Eric Osmond as Karaoke Host
  • Skyler M. Day as Magical Elf
  • Donna Lawrence as Grandmother

Mistletoe Mixup Cast

  • Adrienne Thomas as Vicky
  • Wendy Dang as Cali
  • Skyler M. Day as Magical Elf
  • Cherie Julander as Mother Wright
  • Robert Milo Andrus as Tree Lot Guy
  • Johnny Hebda as Line Elf
  • Jane Alba as Cafe Galleria Patron
  • Andrew Allred as Bowling Alley Patron
  • Jeffrey Paul Anderson as Christmas Tree Lot Patron #1
  • Zoey Cook as Kid 1

Mistletoe Mixup Plot

This film had a decent beginning. Holly (Danielle C. Ryan) is a fiercely ambitious and autonomous lady who, of course, happens to be blonde and classically beautiful. Vicky, her best friend and boss—a Black woman who, obviously, never does anything except encourage and mentor Holly—says she has to unwind and “go back out there.” Holly wishes to “meet Mr. Right” (the man of her dreams) on some mistletoe for Christmas, but she expresses the wish twice, which, my fine fellow YuleTubers, is going to cause problems and the aforementioned mistletoe mix-up. Additionally, it causes the woman (Sklyer M. Day) who gave her the hoping mistletoe to ominously appear in several locations before abruptly disappearing.

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Since her father passed away right before Christmas, which of course he did, Holly has planned to spend Christmas alone each year. Holly wasn’t even going to buy a tree (the utter and utter horror! ), but Vicky insisted Holly go out and get one after giving her her credit card. What?!? She doesn’t give Holly cash for her work; does she? She hands her the credit card as though she were her mother or something, which I suppose is a lovely gesture but also a little strange. Anyway, Holly finally finds her ideal tree after talking herself through every tree on the lot (it’s so embarrassing to watch).

Mistletoe Mixup Cast

Tom helps Holly attach the tree to her car, and says that he works in finance and enjoys working a lot. He then asks Holly out on a date. Holly nods in agreement (oh, the romance and embers) and departs for her house to erect her tree. When she is almost at home, the knot breaks (guys, don’t mansplain) and the plant flies off the roof and lands on another man. Right now, males are almost falling from the sky. He is likewise a handsome single man, but his name is Austin (Matthew Lawrence), and he is a relaxed artist who favors loose, worn-looking attire.

Before we reach the conclusion of the story, there will be some misunderstandings, disagreements, confusions, reconciliations, and realizations. (And along the way, quite a few additional Netflix Christmas movies will be mentioned. Speaking of which, I particularly enjoyed this Netflix Christmas rom-com because it was the first one I had seen where the leads used such blatant code flipping when speaking to one another versus other people.)

Mistletoe Mixup Review

Although book five of the Ridgewater High series, I must admit that I was a little perplexed about how everything fit into the timeline and how it related to volumes three and four in particular. Perhaps they were all happening at the same time? That’s not a big deal, though, and nobody who hasn’t read the other books won’t be bothered by it. Overall, I had a great time reading this brief Christmas book!

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Finally, love and dreams will triumph, and we’ll discover that perhaps the most powerful magic of all is found in changing our own viewpoint. Another possibility is that it is in a calendar that will always lead back to you. Whatever the case, Most importantly, I appreciate that they used the term “holiday” for the title of a film that is actually about a demon-possessed ornament.