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Mission Impossible 7: Why Did Tom Cruise Not Let Dougray Scott Play Wolverine


David Mudd

The Mission Impossible franchise is under scrutiny because of its protagonist Tom Cruise. As old times always come back whenever a new Mission Impossible instalment comes out, they also bring back old memories. Here is what Dougray Scott says about Tom Cruise keeping him from playing Wolverine.

Dougray Scott’s Consideration For Wolverine

Back in 2000, when the first X-men film was in production, the creators and casting directors were looking for someone to play Wolverine. They approached Scott for the role three times, and every time Scott Rejected the offer. We do not know why Scott rejects the offer the first three times, but we see what happens the next time.

When the producers ask Scott a fourth time, the actor rejects the proposition again. However, this time the explanation is pretty valid. Scott was shooting the second instalment of Mission Impossible at the time. Therefore, everyone thought that his schedule clashed with X-men’s and he could not perform the role.

Tom Cruise Blocks Dougray Scott From Playing Wolverine

In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, Dougray Scott reveals the real reason why he did not play the Wolverine. According to Scott, Tom Cruise did not allow him to accept the role of the X-men character. He says that Cruise wanted him to stay and finish the MI2 film first.

Scott then replies that he will finish the film, but will do the other ole as well. However, for some reason Cruise said that he could not. Dougray also says that Tom Cruise was a powerful man at the time. But he still could not understand why Cruise said no to him for playing Wolverine.

Dougray Scott On Hugh Jackman Playing Wolverine

Once Scott rejects or is coerced into dismissing the part of Wolverine, the producers then starting looking for another Wolverine. Actor Russel Crowe then suggested that they consider fellow Australian actor Hugh Jackman for the role. Jackman was at the time a less known theatre actor.

The role launched Jackman’s career, making him an international star. The story of how Hugh Jackman got his career-defining role is an interesting one and goes on for more than 15 years until Logan dies in the end. The legendary character also makes Hugh Jackman a legend in the industry.

However, this does not mean that Dougray Scott has any ill feelings about Jackman playing a role that he was considered for first. In fact, Scott says that he appreciates Jackman and loves what he has done with the character.