Mission Impossible 7: Movie May Scrap Essential Italy Production


David Mudd


Mission: Impossible 7 May Not Return to Italy to Finish Essential Scenes

Mission Impossible 7

Mission Impossible has been one of my favourite series growing up. Honestly. Truly.

The M.I movies were always shot in these insanely picturesque locations, assuring me subconsciously how badly I need to visit those places once I grew up.

The whole team behind Mission Impossible 7 are having second thoughts regarding its shooting done in its entirety in Italy.

It pains me to know how much the world has change because of the sickening virus.

What Do We Know So Far

Mission Impossible 7, the seventh movie in the entire charter was halfway through its shooting in Italy itself when the whole place was announce to be on lockdown until further notice.

Now you all know how pathetic the situation has been over there.

Bodies after thrown into a dumping ground, having hopelessly unsuccessful in controlling the mass spreading of the Virus.

Mission Impossible

If only the government had taken susceptible steps beforehand, the matters would have been under-control in Italy.

So this exactly is what has led to the temporary stoppage of filming and production.

Studios are somehow still trying to make the most out of this lockdown by merging different ways to get on with the filming.

But quarantining means absolutely no getaway because that’d require plenty of people working alongside each other.

This would lead to giving way the eventual spread of germs, and hence, death. So, you see?

Will They Visit Italy To Film The Ending?

So the bottom line is that no further filming would be taking place in Italy. Not for now, at least.

We’d probably get to see parts of the movie shot over in the US itself. Not like we mind, do we?

Anyway, we have Mister Cruise who I’m sure wouldn’t let our attention waver from his crazy action-packed performance and wilful stunts.

Mission Impossible

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