Miss Americana: Documentary Series on Taylor Swift!


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There are so many documentary series which are picked by Netflix and one of them is Miss Americana which is based on Taylor Swift life. So here, we are going to talk about 2020 Miss Americana documentary series on pop singer Taylor swift onstage and off stage life and even her personal life or journey from ground to becoming a big songwriter, singer and a courageous woman.

Lana Wilson directed the movie while Morgan Neville, Caitrin Rogers, Christine O’ Malley are the producers of this film which featured Taylor Swift as the star as the documentary is based on her life. The movie was released on Netflix in some limited theatres in the United States in English Language.

Miss Americana runs for 85 minutes which describes and tells the life of Swift Taylor and the film is emotional to everyone as in this movie you will get to see that Swift not only knows about her but also accepts what she is. She is not only an entertainer or singer but also a woman who can raise her voice if anything goes against her.

Miss Americana

If you are aware of this film then you will know that the film shows or depicts some flashbacks of her life and career which are not seen earlier but revealed in this film from the time period of her Reputation Stadium Tour performance to her album Studio along with these flashbacks.

Miss Americana Release Date

Miss Americana

Miss Americana was released on January 23, 2020 at Sundance Film Festival and then finally came in some theatres in the United States.

In IMDB History this biographical netflix film is rated highly as an original Netflix documentary.

Miss Americana is one of the best Netflix and Biographical documentaries by publication and selected in the top five documentaries of 2020 by National Board of Review.

Who are the cast members in this documentary film by Lana Wilson?

There are so many cast members which are featured in this movie but Taylor Swift is the leading one on whose life the biography is told.

These are some cast who contributed in this film and these are-

  • Taylor Swift
  • Taylor Swift Mother – Andrea Swift.
  • Her father Scott Swift.
  • Taylor’s friend, Lucier.
  • Tree Paine, Publicist.
  • Robert G. allen.
  • Joe Alwyn.
  • Jack Antonoff.
  • Joel Little
  • Max Martin
  • Dave Meyers
  • Bredon Urie and many more.

“Only the Young” song is added in this movie which is played at the end and it was written by Swift during 2018 election time but unfortunately can’t add on her list of Lover Album but later added in this movie and on Billboard Digital Song Sales, this song topped the list in many countries.

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Some Frequent Questions Asked by People-

Why is the Documentary Named or Titled as Miss Americana?

Miss Americana

The documentary on the life of Swift Taylor came out on January 31, 2020 and the title came from the seventh track of Lover which is titled as “Miss Americana & the HeartBreak Prince” and in this song she tells her dislike for current politics of the American government.

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What is the Story or Motive for Making this Movie?

This documentary not only shows her journey of becoming a big star but also a woman who can influence people and wants to live a simple life without anyone’s reference or burden.

In this movie Taylor Swift wanted to tell everyone that she can raise her voice when needed and learned many things and one of them is how to speak or raise her voice which she has never done before and she is very clear on political views.

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Where Can I Watch Miss Americana 2020?

You can stream Miss Americana Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix and on Just Watch.

Here is the trailer for Miss Americana-


Miss Americana is an amazing documentary film on Netflix which revealed the life of Taylor Swift and the documentary received 7.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDB while it scored 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and 4 out of 5 on Common Sense Media. For more documentary films on Netflix stay connected with Trendingnewsbuzz.com so that you will get new series or movies to read and then you can easily watch your new favourite film.

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