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Miranda Kerr Healthy Lifestyle: From Her Daily Workout Routine To Diet Plan



Miranda Kerr is an Australian model who is best known for working with the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret. In fact, Kerr was the first Australian model to work for Victoria’s Secret.
Forbes has put her on a list of the highest-paid runway models, and she has worked in fashion, jewelry, and a lot of other fields.
This beautiful runway model and businesswoman work hard to keep her body in shape. She does everything from weight training to core workouts, cardio, and Pilates to keep her almost-perfect body.
We’ll talk about Miranda Kerr’s workouts, diet, and supplements in this article. Even though we did a lot of research on Kerr’s diet and workout routine, this is not her exact workout routine. Based on interviews, Miranda’s own words, and information from trainers, it gives a general idea of what she does when training.

So, Let’s have a look at Miranda Kerr’s Healthy Lifestyle

Miranda Kerr healthy lifestyle

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