Mirai Nagasu Shares Hospital Photos of Newborn Son Taiga After ‘Surprise’ Baby Announcement


Donna Mack

The figure skater who competed in the Olympics disclosed that her kid Taiga Nagasu Bramante was born in the month of April.

Mirai Nagasu is taking pleasure in being a mother.

On Tuesday, July 9, the Olympic figure skater and new mother, who is 31 years old, posted photographs of her newborn son on several social media platforms.

Taiga Nagasu Bramante was displayed with great pride by Nagasu in a carousel featured on Instagram. She disclosed the fact that her not-so-newborn child was born on April 13, 2024, after saying his name in the text she included with the photo.

Mirai Nagasu posted a Photo on Instagram with caption: “Taiga Nagasu Bramante
April 13, 2024
7.1 pounds”

Taiga was wrapped in a hospital blanket and lying in a bassinet in the first picture, which was taken shortly after his birth. In addition, the gorgeous knitted hat that the infant was wearing was visible to the camera as he gazed directly into it.

In other photographs, Taiga was seen dozing off, and a close-up of his adorable little feet was captured.

As Nagasu joined Taiga for two photographs, she had a smile on her face and was still wearing her hospital robe.

The athlete who won a bronze medal at the 2018 Olympic Games kept her pregnancy a secret for several months before making the announcement on June 20 via social media that she was expecting a son.

At the same time that she was carrying the baby, she explored the Prudential Center in Boston, which was featured in an Instagram video about View Boston.

Mirai Nagasu Shares Hospital Photos of Newborn Son Taiga After 'Surprise' Baby Announcement

“It’s an interactive experience for everyone, even families with newborns like mine,” the athlete said in the voiceover.

“Look how locked in Tai is as he learns all about Boston,” Nagasu added. “And yes, surprise I had a son!”

The seven-time national medalist for the United States of America revealed to PEOPLE that she had been holding back on sharing the news until the secret was revealed.

“Choosing to keep my pregnancy a secret until after his birth was a deeply personal decision.”

“In an age where social media often defines our reality, I wanted to step back and truly connect with the people closest to me face-to-face. While sharing everything online can be wonderful, I believe there’s immense value in disconnecting and logging off from time to time,” she added, in part.

Who is the Fiancé of ‘Mirai Nagasu’?

Taiga, Nagasu’s son, is currently in the custody of her fiancé Michael Bramante.

In the same way that she kept her relationship a secret for a whole year, the figure skater too kept her baby reveal a surprise.

Mirai Nagasu Shares Hospital Photos of Newborn Son Taiga After 'Surprise' Baby Announcement

The couple’s engagement photos were posted on Instagram on June 18 and were captioned by Nagasu. “We tried this thing where we told (in person) everyone that we’re engaged before posting about it on social….so this is from over a year ago. 🥰😙🤓”
#engaged #engagedinboston #boston #bostonengagement

At the site, which was identified as Boston Common and Public Garden, the couple was seen displaying their passion for one another while they were out and about in the city that serves as the capital of Massachusetts.

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