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Minecraft: Video Shows Minecraft With Ray Tracing On Xbox Series X

Every gamer needs a platform where they can enjoy the game fullest. From Sony to Microsoft, these leading companies are providing such a platform to us over the years. Starting from the first console of PlayStation to Xbox today’s Next-generation gaming platform, All are becoming more advance. Playing games on one of those devices create more fun. Now Minecraft is ready to release on Xbox Series X. We are waiting to see how Minecraft with ray tracing looks like on Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X

Before further going, we need to know about Xbox Series X.  It’s an upcoming gaming console that is waiting for its big release on holiday 2020. Microsoft developed this project known as “Project Scarlett”. This device has some awesome features.  16Gb GDDR6 SDRAM, CPU with Custom 3.8GHz AMD 8-core ZEN-2, Display from 720p to 8K UHD, etc is available in this console. So, We already can imagine that games are going to be epic in Xbox Series X.

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We already know about Minecraft. For those who have no idea what this game is, it is a sandbox video game. Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten created this game. Mojang developed this and along with Microsoft Studios. Sony Computer Entertainment published Minecraft on 18th November 2011.

Players can have the opportunity of exploring a 3D world and does chore. They need to complete various types of a task like hosting a party in the virtual world. It depends on games in various modes. They can build their world in the game by collecting raw materials. Minecraft even allows players to modify the game according to their needs. It is a first-person generative game.

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Minecraft With Ray Tracing On Xbox Series X

Mine is not a game for Graphics-lover gamers. It is more for gamers who want to try out different things in games. But as Xbox Series X has a ray-tracing feature, maybe this game is also going to visually stunning.

This feature will not only enhance lighting and acoustics but also make things more realistic. Ray-traced visuals will take the game’s world more real to gamers. A YouTuber Austin Evans showed its demo in his tech-video.


However, Xbox lovers have to wait until its release.

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