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Minecraft: Minecraft’s Ray Tracing Beta Arrives On PC This Week


David Mudd

It’s about 10 years now since the release of the popular game Minecraft. Still, it continues to be one of the most admired games of our time. After all these years, it is getting a makeover update in the game. The game developers are upgrading the game with a form of ray tracing. This will give a real-time cinematic quality to the game visuals.

Minecraft visuals always looked like just blocks and patterns. After all, there were already reports from NVIDIA that they are working to give realistic visuals to the game. After one year of that announcement, here it is ready to roll out to Windows users on the 16th of April.


What To Expect In The New Upgrades

The updates include ray-traced reflections, lighting, shadows, and customized realistic materials. Besides, there will be 6 new RTX worlds that you can explore created by community creators. These worlds can be downloaded from the Minecraft marketplace for gamers with Minecraft Windows 10. The RTX worlds include Imagination Island, Neon District, and Aquatic Adventure.

The surfaces in the game will look more realistic with the new update. After all, there is NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 to power all of these features. The updated AI Upscaler of NVIDIA will use tensor cores to take a low-resolution image and upscale it into high targeted resolution. After all. this is a beta upgrade. You can expect some changes in it. The things that are not included in the beta may be included in the future. That may include multiplayer modes, third party cross plays, etc. Besides, the design bugs can also be removed in the future developments.


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