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Minecraft: All There Is To Know About Bees, How To build A Survival Base


David Mudd

We all have more or less information about games, even if we are not typical gamers. Different people have their liking. Some like fighting games, then son some line shooter game. And then there comes Minecraft. A completely different type of game that we know. Here is all thing you need to know about bees and survival base in Minecraft.




As I said, Minecraft is a different game. Unlike others, it is a sandbox video game. Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten created this game. Mojang developed this and along with Microsoft Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment published  on 18th November 2011. Players can play this game on various platforms like android, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, etc.

Players can have the opportunity of exploring a 3D world and do chores. It depends on the game’s various modes. They can build their world in the game by collecting raw materials. It even allows players to modify the game according to their needs. It is a first-person generative game

Minecraft Bees

In the this world, players need bees for survival. This part of the game also helps us to know what these little things do for our planet. To add bees in-game, players need to access Java Snapshot 19w34a. After that all is to do is wait and once it’s done players can have the Minecraft bees.


Finding bees is a little bit tough job. But it is also so simple too. Players just find them in Flower forest, Plains and Sunflower Plains. Don’t even think about getting then angry. They will haunt you down. The bees are natural mobs so they won’t mind your stalking.

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Minecraft Survival Base

Survival is a necessity for everything including in games. In this, there is a survival mode for players as well. Players need to collect all the resources to build a survival base.

There is a health bar that helps players depleting attacks, Hunger bar becomes refilled after a certain period. Players can even craft weapons including armor to defend themselves from monster attacks.


So, now when you have the basic idea about this, what are you waiting for? Just go and start playing.

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