Minato Manga Release Date, Minato One-Shot Manga, Everything You Need To Know!



We know that you all, Naruto fans, are super excited about the upcoming One-Shot manga release of Minato by the writer of the Legendary series Naruto. As a result of the poll held from December 17, 2023, to January 31, 2023, it was stated that the character who gets most of the Votes will get a one-shot manga.

As a result, Minato Namikaze, who played the role of Naruto’s father, gets the most votes, but at some point, other characters were also giving neck-to-neck competition; Itachi Uchiha, one of the most beloved characters from Naruto, was also in race to win the poll. And the third one to give competition in the poll was Sukara Haruna, sakura is also called (Trash) by their fans All the fans of Naruto across the world are eagerly anticipating the one-shot manga by Masashi Kishimoto.

To know everything about the upcoming one-shot manga release date, raw scans, spoilers, and where to read the one-shot manga. To get all the information regarding the one-shot manga of Minato, continue reading our article.

Minato Manga Release Date

We know that there is a great deal of hype surrounding the Minato manga among Naruto fans. Fans are waiting for the release date of Minato’s manga, so here we are with the release date of Minato’s one-shot manga. It is expected to be released on July 18, 2023. The International release date of this one-shot manga will be the same across the world.

Minato Manga Release Date

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Minato Manga Raw Scans

We all know about Kishimoto’s work first Naruto, then bringing Boruto back to its pace, and now he is working on Minato’s one-shot manga.

Fans of Boruto are eagerly anticipating the release of this manga and also requesting the raw scans for the next chapter.

But as of now, we are not able to provide any raw scans of the upcoming one-shot manga. But as soon as we get the raw scans of the next chapter, we will provide them to you. Stay tuned for the raw scans and bookmark our website.

Minato Manga Spoilers

Fans from all across the world want to know what will happen in Naruto Gaiden, Naruto fans’ excitement is at its peak, and they are looking for spoilers or leaks of the next chapter. Sorry to say, but no spoilers have been leaked until now.

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Minato Manga Plot

We are also not aware of the exact plot of Minato’s one-shot manga. We know that the story will start when Minato was young before he became the fourth Hokage. This one-shot manga may mainly focus on the secret jutsu created by Minato, which indicates that the manga will focus on developing the Rasengan, or it may be Flying Raijin. We know the one who mastered Rasengan was Naruto, but it was originally created and named by Minato.

Minato, also known as (Yellow Flash) of the Leaf, has passed on his jutsu to the next generation. This one-shot manga will be 55 pages. Kishimoto may cover a brilliant short of Minato’s past and the time before he became the fourth Hokage.

Fans have high hopes for Kishimoto that he will deliver a memorable memory that creates a long impact on the reader’s mind. In this one-shot manga, we may also shed some light on the past of Kushina Uzumaki, Jiraya, and some of his rivals.

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Where to Read Minato Manga?

Probably, the one-shot will release on the famous platforms VIZ and Manga Plus. These sites are popular for releasing shonen jump manga. Make sure to check them out for exciting manga and novels.


In conclusion, Naruto fans are looking forward to the release of the Minato one-shot manga. Minato won a fan poll, beating other popular characters like Itachi and Sakura. The manga will be released on July 18, 2023, and will explore Minato’s past as well as his creations, such as the Rasengan.

There are currently no spoilers or raw scans available. Fans can anticipate a 55-page narrative that may provide information on other key players. The manga will most likely be available for reading on platforms such as VIZ and Manga Plus. Overall, Naruto fans are anticipating this special Minato-focused chapter with bated breath.

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