Ranking Every Hannah Montana Starrer Miley Cyrus Movies According To The List


Aditi Narendra

This article gives you to ride to your favorite Hannah Montana starter Miley Cyrus movies. Cyrus plays Molly, a private detective who accepts the FBI’s offer to follow Alex, a student who is the daughter of a senator of the United States. She enrolls in college, enters a sorority, and even becomes romantically involved in an effort to fit in.

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Henry Barnes of the Guardian stated, “Cyrus seems bored, as though eager to hop a ship to another movie.”

A Rebellious Teenager Named Lola In “LOL”

Lola (Cyrus), affectionately known as Lol by her family and friends, juggles her separated parents, her closest friend Hannah Montana Starrerds, her ex-boyfriend, and a new romance while attempting to avoid controversy and enjoy a class trip to Paris.

According to Variety’s Joe Leydon, “‘LOL’ is DOA, a formless and joyless teen-skewing confection filled with fashionable terminology and social-network gimcracks that make it appear like there is something four years over its expiration date.”

A Brief Cameo as Herself In “Sex and the City 2”

Following the events of the first “SATC” movie, the women return for a new adventure, this time to Abu Dhabi, where they must all deal with different problems. Samantha, in particular, is coping with aging and menopause, as shown by the fact that she was spotted on a red carpet wearing the same attire as Cyrus,  at 18.

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Stuart McGurk of NME commented, “The latest offering from Carrie and the Girls reveals they’re more caricatures now than women.”

“Hannah Montana” Role Was Ronnie, Another Rebellious Teen, In “The Last Song.”

The movie, which was co-produced with the Nicholas Sparks book of the same name, follows Ronnie (Cyrus), who drops out of school, quits playing piano, and is caught stealing before being sent to live with her absent father. She reconnects with her father and falls in love with Will Blakelee (Hemsworth) during the course of the summer.

As far as Nicholas Sparks translations go, this one is endearingly connect-the-dots and remarkably un-crass, according to Tim Robey of the Daily Telegraph.

Hannah Montana: The Movie, Which Cyrus Released in 2009, Brought Hannah Montana To A Large Audience.

Miley is being sent back to her Tennessee homeland to reestablish contact with her grandmother and her former life after acting like a diva.

The Age’s Philippa Hawker described the situation as “a constant Disney internal struggle with a blonde wig, a prepubescent ‘Vertigo’-meets ‘Jekyll and Hyde’-meets ‘High School Musical‘.”

Every “Black Mirror” Episode is a Miniature Film, and Cyrus’ was Titled “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too.”

Cyrus portrays Ashley O., a popstar who has a distinct Hannah Montana vibe and wants to shake things up, as well as Ashley Too, a doll replica of the performer who implores her fan Rachel to assist in rescuing the real Ashley from her evil manager/aunt.

Miley Cyrus Movies


“Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too” features enough interesting content, according to David Sims of the Atlantic, to be the show’s most popular episode of the most recent season.

In he concert movie “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never,” Cyrus made an appearance.

Cyrus portrays Ashley O., a popstar who has a distinct Hannah Montana vibe and wants to shake things up, as well as Ashley Too, a doll replica of the performer who implores her fan Rachel to assist in rescuing the real Ashley from her evil supervisor.

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Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too have enough interesting content to make it the show’s most effective episode of the most recent season, according to David Sims of the Atlantic.

In The 2015 Netflix Movie “A Very Murray Christmas,” Cyrus Played Herself

Bill Murray is forced to hang around in a hotel with a group of odd individuals and play after a storm cancels all of the visitors for his Christmas special. In a dream scenario, Cyrus arrives, and the two of them sing a few songs together.

According to NPR’s David Bianculli, “‘A Very Murray Christmas’ is a surprisingly delicate little TV jewel from the man who made his professional years being a wisecracking cynic.”

Cyrus Played Herself In “The Night Before,” Another Holiday Film.

Before their lives alter because Isaac is having a kid, best friends Ethan (Joseph Gordon Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen), and Chris (Anthony Mackie) spend one last Christmas Eve together. The rest of the night is filled with mischief, as well as a public performance by Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus Movies

Despite the foul behavior of its three male characters, “The Night Before” ends up being just as runny and deceptive as any other holiday films that have been produced this year, according to Geoffrey Macnab of the Independent.

When She Portrayed Ruthie in “Big Fish,” Cyrus Was Name Destiny Cyrus.

When Will Bloom’s (Ewan McGregor) birth father informs him he has terminal cancer, the son goes home to try to make up for lost time and hears his father narrate things that he had always felt were made up. In a minor appearance as Ruthie, Cyrus, who is given the name Destiny, is credited.

“This gorgeous movie gives humorous distraction when it catches fire. And “Big Fish” shows its beating heart as father and son attempt to achieve a difficult reunion “David Ansen of Newsweek noted this.