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Mikhail Watford Net Worth: Net Worth, About, His Wife!

He was discovered dead at his Surrey home on Monday, and Mikhail Watford’s death is making headlines right now. Yes, Mikhail’s death has spread like wildfire throughout the internet. Hundreds of thousands of people have paid their respects to him via social media.

After his passing, they’re also praying for his family members who are in mourning. There are also a lot of individuals who are interested in learning more about Mikhail Watford and his wife, Jane Watford. All the facts about the famous business tycoon and his family will be included in this post.

Jane Watford About

Mikhail Watford Net Worth

Jane Watford, Mikhail Watford’s wife, is originally from the Estonian capital of Tallinn. She and her family relocated to the United Kingdom in order for her husband to establish a real estate company. She is presently 41 years old, whereas her husband was 66 years old at the time of his death, which occurred in 2007.

The pair had a 25-year age difference between them. Her spouse was found dead at their house in Surrey on Monday morning, according to police. The police officers were dispatched to the scene very immediately.

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Jane Watford and Mikhail Watford

Russian businessman Mikhail Watford and his wife, Jane Watford, have two children. When police arrived at the Wentworth Estate in Virginia Water, Surrey, they found Mikhail’s body in the garage. The police have been looking into the sudden death because he may have been on a kill list. In the wake of Mikhail Watford’s strange death in the UK, one of his business colleagues addressed the issue of Watford’s terrible end. According to a number of individuals, Mikhail’s terrible death and the continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine are not just coincidental.

Mikhail Watford was discovered hanging in his garage, the Sun says.

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Mikhail Watford Death

And this statement was given by one of the friend, “His state of mind might have been affected by the situation in the Ukraine. The timing of his death and the invasion of Ukraine was surely not coincidental,”

Mikhail Watford’s death in Britain has sparked a lot of speculation, especially following the attempted assassination of double spy Sergei Skripal on British territory.

” His death raises questions. After all the other suspicious deaths of Russian nationals and associates in the UK, it is only natural there will be speculation about his death,” it was confessed by other associate.

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Mikhail Watford Net worth: At the Time of Death

He never announced his net worth to the public, but given that he resided in a £18million house on the Wentworth Estate, it is likely that his net worth was in the billions of dollars.

Mikhail Watford Net Worth


Still everyone is curious to know what happened to him and what is the reason behind his death and he never told the exact net worth to the public.

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