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Mike Fleiss Net Worth: The Producer and Writer Announced His Departure From The Bachelor Franchise!

All The Latest Updates About Mike Fleiss

Mike Fleiss is a popular television producer and writer who recently shared his departure from the Bachelor franchise on March 28. After working on this for more than 20 years, it's must have been hard to say goodbye but all is well that ends well.

Since his announcement regarding the departure from the Bachelor franchise, Mike Fleiss is making headlines and Fans are very interested to know about Mike Fleiss Net Worth and other updates about him. So here we are to inform you everything. Let's get started.

Mike Fleiss To Say Goodbye To The Bachelor Franchise

Mike Fleiss declared his departure from the Bachelor franchise on March 28. He created the show for more than 20 years. It's a popular ABC’s reality dating show. The news was out after Zach Shallcross‘ finale, he got engaged to frontrunner Kaity Biggar.

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“First and foremost, congratulations are in order for Zach and Kaity. I wish them a long and happy life together,” the producer told Variety

“I want to thank WBTV and ABC for 21 extraordinary years. They’ve found the perfect creative team for me to entrust The Bachelor franchise and keep this lightening in a bottle bold and moving forward. Let the journey continue.” he added.

About Mike Fleiss

Mike Fleiss is an American television producer and writer. He was born on April 14, 1964. He was raised in Fullerton, California. He attended the University of California, Berkeley.

Mike Fleiss Net Worth

Mike Fleiss: A Short Bio Profile

Birth Date: April 14, 1964 (age 58)
Occupation(s): Producer, writer
Spouse(s): Alexandra Vorbeck ​​(1988-2012)​
Laura Kaeppeler ​(2014-2019)​
Children: 1

Mike Fleiss: Net Worth

Mike Fleiss is an American television producer and writer. The TV creator’s net worth is estimated to be $140 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

Mike Fleiss: Career

His first reality TV romance show was Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? He has worked as creator, producer and writer of many shows including The Bachelor, a dating reality television series that debuted on March 25, 2002, on ABC, The WB's Superstar USA, aired on The WB in 2004.

The Bachelorette, an American reality television dating game show that aired on ABC on January 8, 2003 and is a spin-off of The Bachelor, The Will and High School Reunion, a reality television series released on The WB on January 5, 2003 and airing for two seasons between 2003 and 2005.

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Additionally, he was also the producer of the 2003 remake The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and its 2006 prequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and the films Hostel (2005), Hostel: Part II (2007), and Hostel: Part III (2011).

Mike Fleiss: Personal Life

Mike Fleiss dated Alexandra Vorbeck since high school and took their relationship to next level by marrying her. Unfortunately their marriage didn't work out despite being married to each other for 24 years. The pair divorced in the year 2012.

Mike Fleiss gave another chance to love as he married former Miss America, Laura Kaeppeler, in April 2014. They welcomed their son, Benjamin, born in May 2015. However, their marriage did not last longer and on July 10, 2019, Fleiss filed for divorce from Kaeppeler on the basis of their differences they were going through.

Mike Fleiss Net Worth

Mike Fleiss: Legal Controversies

Mike Fleiss has dealt with legal issues twice in his life. The first one was in November 2014, when he was criminally charged for harassing Baywatch star David Charvet and his wife, actress Brooke Burke. However The case was dismissed.

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The second legal issues he has gone through was in July 2019, when Fleiss' then-wife Laura Kaeppeler made allegations on him of physical violence. As per Laura, he physically assaulted her while she was pregnant as he demanded an abortion. The Kauai Police Department did the investigation. Two weeks later, Kaeppeler dropped the charges and got a $10-million settlement.


American television producer and writer, Mike Fleiss has given us major interesting shows that we just can't avoid. He makes net worth of $140 million as of 2023.

We hope you liked reading the article. Let us know your thoughts on this. Keep visiting our website, Trending news buzz for more such latest updates.

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