Miguel Mckelvey Wife : Things You Need to Know!


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Mckelvey was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, and is a successful businessman and entrepreneur in the United States. Co-founder and Chief Culture Officer of WeWork, a commercial real estate firm that provides flexible shared workplaces for technology startups as well as services for other businesses, he has a diverse background. In addition to the We Company’s existing projects, the company has created a number of new ones, such as ‘WeLive,’ a co-living venture, ‘Rise by We’, an upscale gym concept, and ‘WeGrow,’ an elementary school for private students.

Miguel Mckelvey Wife

Previous to this, Miguel worked as a consultant with Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, where he was involved in the early stages of the development of several firms, including ‘Green Desk,’ “Barre3,” and “Version.” His previous employment includes busing tables in a restaurant and working two summers at an Alaskan fish processing plant.

Miguel Mckelvey Age

Mckelvey will be 47 years old in 2021, and he was born in 1974 in the city of Eugene, in the state of Oregon, in the United States of America. Due to the fact that he has not disclosed his precise date of birth, it is difficult to determine when he celebrates his birthday. However, as soon as this information becomes available, we will update this area.

Miguel Mckelvey Education

Mckelvey went to South Eugene High School, where he graduated in 1992 with a degree in business administration. After that, he enrolled in Colorado College in 1992, where his professor, Carl Reed, was impressed by the sculpture he had done and encouraged him to explore architecture as a graduate course. Afterward, he attended the University of Oregon, where he received his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1999 after completing his studies there in 1995.

Miguel Mckelvey Net Worth

Miguel is expected to have a net worth of $900 million dollars by the year 2020. This comprises all of his assets, money, and other sources of income. As a businessman and entrepreneur, his principal source of income is his entrepreneurial endeavors. He has been able to collect a substantial amount of wealth from his different sources of income, yet he likes to live a modest lifestyle.

Who Is Miguel Mckelvey’s Wife Hiyam Mckelvey?

Hiyam McKelvey, better known as Miguel Mckelvey’s wife, is a successful entrepreneur in her own right, having started her own beauty line, Pucker, in 2009. A collaboration between her and makeup artist Julio Sandino resulted in the establishment of the cosmetics firm Pucker in 2013.

A cosmetics studio owned by Pucker has also opened in New York, where customers can receive the looks they desire for any occasion, whether it’s a special event, a work function, or any other reason. Their initial shop, located in Soho, catered to individuals who were looking for affordable and easily accessible cosmetic items and services.

The specifics of her marriage are not known, however, it appears that Miguel and Hiyam’s union did not last since they seemed to have divorced after a short time. They separated in 2017 and appear to be on distinct paths at this point.

Hiyam appears to be a reserved individual who does not appear to be very active on social media networks. She is very private about her personal life, and she rarely speaks about it in public.

How Old Is Hiyam Mckelvey

Hiyam McKelvey is between the ages of 30 and 40, however, her precise birthdate is unknown. As a result, it is difficult to determine Hiyam’s age.

According to Wikipedia, Miguel is 47 years old but will turn 48 this year as he was born in 1974. When his mother, Lucia, created and maintained the weekly newspaper known as the Eugene Weekly, he was considered to be the first entrepreneur in his family.

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In her role as an entrepreneur, Miguel’s mother pushed him to pursue a career in the field of business management.

Hiyam Mckelvey Net Worth Bio Explored

Hiyam McKelvey’s net worth is reported to be around $1 million, although this is not correct at this time because the situation is still under investigation. Hiyam began her finance career by working for a number of different banks.

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After working as an Executive Assistant at Lehman Brothers from 1999 to 2010, Hiyam went on to start Pucker Makeup in 2011. She seemed to have made a good living from her career as well as her business enterprise.

Miguel Mckelvey and Adam Neumann Founders of WeWork

Miguel is the Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer of WeWork, a commercial real estate firm that provides flexible shared workplaces for technology startups as well as services for other businesses.

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Miguel received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University. They co-founded the company WeWork in 2010, which is located in New York City and has handled in excess of 4 million square meters since its founding in 2010. The corporation was reportedly valued at $20 billion, according to the latest estimates. In August 2017, the business received a $4.4 billion investment from the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank.

Miguel Mckelvey Vegan and Vegetarian

Miguel Mckelvey Wife

Miguel, who works as a Co-Founder and Chief Cultural Officer at WeWork, declared that the company will no longer serve meat in its meals. In light of the current study, it has been determined that eliminating meat is one of the most significant things an individual can do to lessen their own environmental effect, even more so than converting to a hybrid vehicle.