Mighty Express: Train Trouble: Release Date, Cast and Crew, Synopsis of the Story and More!


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Mighty Express: Train Trouble is an Animation Special (2022). Jay Hatton, Zoe Hatz, Meesha Contreras are the fundamental cast of Mighty Express: Train Trouble (2022). A several has misled the trains and taken command over Mission Station!

Could Flicker flex his capacities on the tracks to safeguard his sidekicks and have a significant effect? Mighty Express: Train Trouble is available on Netflix on January 18!

Mighty Express is a Canadian anime show made for youngsters. The show was made by Keith Chapman and coordinated by Clint Butler. Turn Master Entertainment has teamed up with Netflix to create the show. The credit for giving delightful activitys to show goes to the Atomic Cartoons.

Mighty Express: Train Trouble


The series will take you to the imaginary town of Tracksville, where there are just children who deal with the stations and work with the talking trains in the stations, called mighty express trains.

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There are no human grown-ups in the expressed town aside from the Santa proviso. Each train in the station has remarkable highlights and can discuss the undertakings with the children.

The show is occurring in the imaginary town of Tracksville where kids who dealt with the stations are on an experience with the talking trains. Each train has its exceptional component, also unit and freight. The abnormal thing about the town is that there are no grown-ups in the town aside from Santa Claus. Creatures in the town likewise become a piece of the experience.

The plot of season 6 is in the background at this point. In any case, it is normal that season 6 will likewise resemble different seasons. In season 6 additionally, the trains alongside the children will leave upon new undertakings.

Release Date

Not long after raising a ruckus around town on 22nd September 2020, the series grabbed the eye of a few fans. The series collected a huge fan base, and thusly, season 2 of the series showed up on fifth December 2020.

Indeed, there is no authority news about the recharging of the series for the following portion up until this point. Five seasons accompanied almost no time between each season. Notwithstanding, season 6 is taking time. Season five hit the venues on October 12, 2021, yet, there is no recharging news.

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Be that as it may, there is as yet extraordinary information for the fans. An exceptional named Train Trouble will raise a ruckus around town on January 18, 2022.

Mighty Express: Train Trouble


The voice characters of eight audacious trains are unquestionably going to get back to repeat their separate jobs for the 6th portion which are as per the following:

  • Cargo Nate: voiced by Dylan Schombing; Ben Riley (UK name;)
  • Repairman Milo (voiced by Leo Orgil; Tom Rimmer (UK name)
  • Assemble It Brock (voiced by Tyler Nathan; Chester Podd (UK name)
  • Rancher Faye (voiced by Michela Luci) TBA (UK name)
  • Salvage Red (voiced by Enhypen(also in UK name)
  • Peoplemover Penny (voiced by Annick Obonsawin; Grace Mynard (UK name)
  • Flash (voiced by Ian Ho; Oliver White (UK name)
  • Mandy Mail (voiced by Gracen Daly; Megan Cowlan (UK name)


The voice characters of fundamental human characters will repeat their separate jobs in the 6th portion which are as per the following:

  • Max (voiced by Jay Hatton; Theo Somolu( UK name)
  • Liza (voiced by Zoe Hatz; Isabella Cobley (UK name)
  • Nico (voiced by Meesha Contreras; Luca Bradley(UK name)
  • Celebration (voiced by Matilda Simons; Isabella Buck ( UK name)
  • Dirt (voiced by Benjamin Hum TBA (UK name)
  • May (voiced by Lori Phun; Scarlett Harrison (UK name)
  • Amanda (voiced by Aaliyah Cinello; Cece Somolu (UK name)
  • Jaden (voiced by Adrian Groulx; Ved Pattipati (UK name)
  • Dusty (voiced by Millie Davis; Efa Foncette (UK name) –
  • St Nick Claus (voiced by Ron Pardo; Wayne Forester (UK name)

Mighty Express: Train Trouble


The voice characters of fundamental creature characters will repeat their particular jobs in the 6th portion which are as per the following:

The Popstar Piggies (voiced by Jake Owen and Richard Binsley (UK Dub)

  • Diesel (voiced by Robert Tinkler)
  • Scoops (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Chompy (voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Cows (voiced by Richard Binsley)

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We might see new passages in the 6th portion of the show. Nonetheless, nothing is true yet. We will update here the authority cast of the show once it gets released.


What Age Is Mighty Express For?

Simple and speedy story lines. There are greatly improved shows for long term olds as this one is speedy.

Is Mighty Express Made by Paw Patrol?

From the producers of PAW Patrol, welcome to the activity pressed rail line universe of Mighty Express! In exciting experiences ideal for preschoolers, a group of trains and children cooperate to keep things getting across the city, regardless of the trouble. Their primary objective: conveying carloads of tomfoolery – on time, without fail!

Mighty Express: Train Trouble

Is Spin Master Public?

After 27 years, Spin Master is a freely recorded organization with 28 workplaces all over the planet and north of 2,000 representatives. Today, our amusement properties are seen in excess of 190 nations and we convey toys in excess of 100 business sectors.


Mighty Express is a pre-school-situated CG series with likenesses to the ‘Paw‘ – less pets and trains. Helmed by ‘Paw Patrol’ craftsmen, the show draws on goals like companionship and participation. The principal portion of ‘Mighty Express’ was released in September 2020, comprising of a progression of smaller than normal episodes.

We are here now to assist you with the exact particulars for guardians and grown-ups hanging tight for the declaration as the following adaptation shows up on Netflix.

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