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Microsoft: The Company Started To Replace The Employees With Artificial Intellige

In the past week, many of the journalist employees and editorial contract workers lost their job from Microsoft. It happened because of the new decision made by the tech giant. Microsoft is replacing the journalists and editorial workers with Artificial Intelligence technology. That means the works done by humans until now will be done by Artificial Intelligence.

These are the job that includes curated news and content. After all, the people who lost their job are from ads, news, Edge, contract workers, etc. Although, the decision is being made by the company, not because of the COVID-19 situation. Instead, it is just another business strategy taken by Microsoft.

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More Details About The Decision Made By Microsoft

Bot set to help employees who join Microsoft via acquisition - IT ...

Reports show that about 50 people already lost their jobs and it is 27 in the UK. In the UK, those people who lost jobs are from PA Media. After all, many of the workers expressed their feelings about the new decision by Microsoft. They said that the editorial team was more selective in the content used on the websites. Moreover, there were no violations of rules or inappropriate content were made its way into the sites.

However, Microsoft used the stories from other resources to edit and publish it in their style. The teams edited the content of the stories and changed headlines. Although, it is needed to be seen that how the new AI tech will help them in this field.

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