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Microsoft: Surface Book 3 Rumoured To Be Released Soon According To Leaked Listings

There’s a piece of great news for all the tech buddies out there. Microsoft might just release its surface book 3 very soon now. This has recently been leaked on some technical listings in Europe.

They suggest that the Surface Book 3 will be here soon. And this is enough to get everyone excited. This has made everyone curious. They want to know if anything of this order is happening. This was recently told by a German tech blog.

It is also backed up by another technical blogger. But until it is confirmed, there is nothing that we can say for sure. Until then, you can read this to find out what is happening. It might just be real.


What Happened That Suggested This?

There is a German blog that has recently released this information. It has said that there is proof of Surface Book 3 in the retail listings of Europe.

And this has got everyone enthusiastic. In addition to that, there is also another technical blogger that has confirmed this.

Along with these listings, there is also other evidence for this. Now, this has caused people speculating if it is coming in this soon. So, keep the hype up. We might just get official information.

More Proof On Why We Think It Is Happening

There is news about retail listings already. But more things solidify our speculation. Windows Latest and Windows Insider have found a new piece of information. FCC has passed another Windows device.

This has no conformed name, but it can be what we think it is. The device is said to be a portable computing device. And it is another updated Windows Tablet. So, you can get your hope up.

We feel that it might just be what you’re thinking. However, the codename used for this device was EV2 in the tests.

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More Information About This (Microsoft)


The first generation device was launched way back in 2015. So there was a dire need for something new. Now there is a Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book falling in place.

So, the Surface dock can turn them into normal desktop PCs. However, this isn’t exactly up to date. It has started to age.

So you might like something more advance. But this, along with other hardware, you can just get it right. Now we can get this device in some weeks to come.

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