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Microsoft: Microsoft Admits Xbox Series X 20/20 Wasn’t Up To Player’s Expectations


David Mudd

Xbox series X 20/20 didn’t go as it was supposed to. It was associated with great hype and everyone was excited to see what was in store. But even Microsoft knows that with this, it has disappointed.

The console is nothing close to the players’ expectations and it is heartbreaking. With this, the players feel cheated on. The console manufacturer has not complied with the demands of the players. So that is quite a problem.

But this is not the first time that it is happening. Back in 2013, a similar event had happened. And now that we have seen it again, we want a refund. Read more to find out more about this.

What Happened?

Xbox Series X

Now the new console was associated with a lot of hype. People were excited to know more about the next-gen console that we were getting. From the very beginning od it, everyone was hyped up about it.

Starting from project Scarlett to the launch, the immense power associated with it was like no other. So when the reality happened, they wanted it to live this hype that the firm had created. However, they have disappointed.

Even when they used the word ‘gameplay’ many times before the showcase, it was disappointing to see very little of it. We were initially supposed to see full-fledged gameplay for Assassins Creed Valhalla on the 7th of May when the event happened.

But we were given a disappointingly less amount than what was promised. And this was very disappointing.

What Have They Said? (Xbox Series X)

Fans were not happy about it. They wanted to know what went down. Also, they wanted a reply to all the promises that were not kept. And the makers have obliged. The executive for Marketing has responded to the sad players.

With all the feedback, they are not happy as well. Also, they are aware of having disappointed their fans. He had that the other reveals will be done in a better form. And that they will not disappoint as this has.

Also, they understand that they didn’t live up to the expectations of their consumers. This project is important to them. And with the next reveal, they have to ensure that the customers get what they are looking for.

Xbox Series X

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With all the hype, the gaming division sure disappointed its fans. And this has brought the entire series at a huge risk. Now they have to create something swoon-worthy for the fans with the next reveals.

To stand up to the repute and hype that it has created, the firm has to ensure that the other events go orderly. And that the wishes of the players are considered.

This series has a fierce task to compete with PS4. However, if it continues to disappoint like this, its future will be very uncertain.