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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Release Date For Xbox One, PC- Weekly Update


David Mudd

We are living in a high-tech era. From different types of gadgets to video games, everything is in trend now.

When it comes to new updates, how can we forget about MICROSOFT?  This company never fails to amaze its customers with exciting updates. Recently, they are bringing Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020. And here is all the information you need to know.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Before knowing about the updates, we need to know what is this Simulator? Well, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a series of flight simulator, also known as MSFS or FS.

It is the best flight simulator for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems in the market as video games. This simulator is also the longest-running flight simulator for PC game series.

MSFS was published by Microsoft, Xbox Game Studios and Dovetail Games. It is used for platforms like DOS, Xbox One, Windows, Classic and Mac OS.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Updates

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is a major release for people. It is a part of the next generation one of the most beloved simulation franchises. In its new update, there are many interesting.

The update will provide a bunch of things like the upcoming Alpha build, the Feature Discovery Series, etc. Microsoft’s last post reveals the news that Microsoft Flight Simulator X will be coming in March 2020. Though the particular date is still unknown, expect to be on March 18.

The company also stated that they are working on improvements and development for aircraft editor, road map.

Aircraft has mainly five parts. They are a 3D-CAD-style model, the textures with a bitmap image, a real-like sound set, A panel for representing the cockpit, and Flight Dynamics Engine for making easy-to-edit parameters.

Microsoft Flight Simulator For Xbox One And PC

As we know. Microsoft Flight Simulator was a PC-only series before. But in this new version, it will be available for Xbox One too. It will have some realistic features like weather conditions, virtual world, satellite data, and Azure AI.

But now we need to keep an eye on weekly updates for the specific release date.

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