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Microsoft, CDC: CDC Uses Microsoft’s Chatbot To Create A Symptom Check

CDC uses Microsoft’s Chatbot to create a symptom check of coronavirus. Read ahead to know more.

What Is CDC

CDC stands for the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. It is a public health institute based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Furthermore, the CDC was formed on 1st July 1946.

10,899 employees work in this as of 2016. Furthermore, the CDC works to protect public health. It controls and prevents diseases and injuries to the public. Furthermore, it operates throughout the world.

Microsoft CDC

It is also a founding member of the International Association Of National Public Health Institutes. Also, the CDC conducts research and provides information on diseases for medical and precautionary purposes.

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Status Of Coronavirus Globally

World Health Organisation declares coronavirus as a pandemic. Except, Antarctica, all continents tested positive for coronavirus. Furthermore, to date, 318,636 are positive cases of coronavirus globally.

However, 13,674 people have died and 96,004 have successfully recovered from coronavirus. The vaccine for coronavirus is still in its testing face. You need to practice Social distancing and quarantining.

Italy hits the worst from the coronavirus. Deaths in Italy have surpassed the number of deaths occurred in China due to coronavirus.

Microsoft CDC

CDC Uses Microsoft Healthcare Chatbots

It is using Microsoft Healthcare Chatbots to create coronavirus symptom checker. The tests tell you whether you show symptoms of coronavirus and further medical attention if needed.

Furthermore, the chatbots ask a series of questions. Questions ask symptoms of coronavirus from people. Symptoms are Shortness of breath, dizziness, respiratory issues, chest burning.

All the questions are based on its Guidelines. The chatbots provide a contact list of medical facilities. Furthermore, you also get links to medical information about the virus and precautions one needs to take.

Microsoft CDC

CDC respects privacy rights. All personal user information is strictly for medical purposes. Patient information is not sold for commercial purposes to medical and biotechnology companies. The CDC Microsoft Healthcare launched on 5th March 2020.

The survey is active in the United States. CDC plans to make the survey used globally to fetch more medical databases.

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