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Microsoft 365: Say Hello To New Microsoft 365 And Goodbye To Office 365


David Mudd

The Microsoft 365 platform of Microsoft is very popular in the entire world. However, it has now sought to change it to the new Microsoft 365. It has a whole new features. Also, it contains new subscription plans.

The Microsoft 365 Personal and Family account, which can handle about 6 people. This will start from the 21st of April this year and will range from $6.99 to $9.99. Now the existing users don’t need to worry.

Their plans will automatically study to the newer plans. However, they can gush over all the new features that it has to provide. Now, we are talking about something completely different.

The cloud platform will now transform into something beyond simple office work.

Microsoft 365

New Addition Of A Security App

It contains an additional feature of a new app that brings the family together. The parents can now monitor their kids. So, parents can also monitor the driving of their kids.

They can monitor their screen time across a variety of devices and even the Xbox consoles. Also, it can monitor Android and Windows devices. You can get together as a family in a video call, and also use it for friends.

You can also share other content, like your shopping lists or photos. So, this feature will be a great new introduction to Microsoft 365.

Since the preview is due this summer, you can expect the feature to hit the screens next year.

Changes For Word

Microsoft 365

The editor for Word will also undergo some changes. Now, it will feature additional settings to help your writeups. In addition to the traditional grammar and spellcheck, you will get other semantic suggestions.

It will also have features to avoid any plagiarism of any content. So, any similar content will be notified to you. So, students can site their content properly.

The coolest feature will be the rewrite option. It will be able to rewrite entire sentences for you. Your entire writing experience is in for a makeover. So, stay updated to know more about it.

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Changes For Excel Microsoft 365

The new Excel will also be better than the ordinary one. You can now easily track your finances. So, it will use data from your bank accounts. This way it will already take an input of all the transactions that happen.

Microsoft 365

So, this feature will explore a more practical side to finance handling. The good news is that the US will see this feature very soon. Now, in addition to this, it will also enhance your listing experiences.

The software has used data from the Wolfram Alpha database. Using this, you can now enter your food, movie and place options more easily. They will be converted into data types. So, you can easily list them out.