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His Model Sister-in-law Sports Mick Jagger’s Renowned Gown, and the Singer Sets the Fashion Standard!

This coming weekend, MICK Jagger will be performing on stage in London’s Hyde Park, exactly 53 years after he first caused a stir in the park by donning his now-iconic white outfit. And former model Kari-Ann Jagger knows more than most people about the controversy since she has a fairly unique relationship to the dress, which was designed by Mr. Fish and sold for £90, and also to Mick Jagger himself.

The event took place in 1969, two days after the death of Stones star Brian Jones in a swimming pool, and it was during this performance that Mick released doves into the air. The then-22-year-old was located towards the front of the venue for this performance.

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A few days later, she appeared in a purple version of the same outfit for a picture that was featured on the front page of the newspaper. The photoshoot and news item promoted a spin-off version of the dress that was sold by the fashion company Shelana and cost £9 9shillings.

Alongside a photo of Kari-Ann, a story in the Daily Express with the heading “Girls…you too can be as gorgeous as Mick Jagger” described how women were “bowled over” by the singer’s “breathtaking” attire. The article also used the phrase “you too can be as beautiful as Mick Jagger.”

Mick Jagger's

“I was trying to make a Mick posture and pout while wearing that outfit,” she chuckles. “It was great wearing that garment.”

“Since then, Harry Styles has been seen wearing dresses and jewellery, but Mick Jagger was the first. It’s been a long time since he did that, and Mick always looks amazing in his clothes.

Even if it was unexpected to see him in an outfit like that, we should not be surprised since he has always been one step ahead. Incredibly, Kari-Ann ended up being married to Chris, Mick’s younger brother who is also a musician, despite the fact that she did not know him at the time of the event.

Kari-Ann adds, “It’s just so ironic because in the end, I have been with Mick’s brother for goodness knows how many years now,” and she is referring to the length of their relationship.

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“At the time, Chris was unfamiliar with me, and I was oblivious to the knowledge that Mick had a sibling. I was familiar with Mick; in fact, we had shared a meal. Back in those days, it was common practise for rock stars, actresses, and models to congregate at the same restaurants. When I first started, there were just a few of us in the group.

Kari-Ann and Chris, who is now 74 years old, tied the wedding in 1981. Kari-Ann was one of the models that appeared on the cover of the debut album released by Roxy Music in 1972.

They have a total of 14 grandkids between the two of them, as well as five adult boys between them (two from her former marriage, one from his, and two together). Chris has participated in the recording of over a dozen albums, and he has also collaborated with the Rolling Stones.

He created the intro for their 1986 single “One Hit” and made contributions to their album “Steel Wheels,” which was released in 1989. (to the Body).

Additionally, Mick duetted with his brother Chris on his song “The DJ Blues,” which was released in 2006.

Mick Jagger's

After receiving acclaim for their performance at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool, the Rolling Stones will be making their second stop in the United Kingdom for the SIXTY tour on Saturday (BST) in Hyde Park. This coming Friday night, Hyde Park will play host to Elton.

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