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Michelle Keegan: The Star Is Going “Back To Basics” During Her Quarantine


David Mudd

Michelle Keegan is an English actress known for playing Tina McIntyre in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street and Sergeant Georgie Lane in the BBC drama series Our Girl.

Michelle Keegan Going’ ‘ Back To Basics’ During Her Quarantine

The English star shares a stunning selfie of herself, embracing her natural curls. She shared her selfie along with the caption “back to basics”.

The actress gazed into the phone with her beautiful brunette big and bouncy curls shaping her face. She flaunted her no make up face proving that she’s a natural beauty—the comments section flooded with fans loving and appreciating the curls and her look. One user went on to write ”Why do my basics not look like this! You beauty.” Some other comments read. “Imagine being this pretty!”. “The most beautiful girl in the world”.

Michelle Keegan

Michelle Keegan is never seen in her natural curls. She usually daunts a straightened or much looser curls. But after this beautiful picture getting so many compliments, she might as well rethink about her everyday styling.

Michelle is currently staying with her husband in their £2million property, which has six bedrooms. She’s right now working for the fourth season of BBC Our Girl. Michelle also revealed that she’d be exiting the show after the upcoming season. After so many years she’s finally saying goodbye to get the character, Georgie Lane.

Through Instagram, Michelle also revealed that she’s practically living her nightwear’s during the quarantine after the global pandemic everyone’s house arrested fearing the further spread of the virus.

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Coronavirus Precautions

Michelle Keegan

COVID-19 have already taken more than 9,000 lives around the world. The count is just going up and up day by day. If we do not act now, it’ll be too late even to do something.

As per the government instructions, all the citizens should strictly be at home unless there’s an emergency. As per the guidelines given by the World Health Organization, everyone should also wash their hands regularly as it can kill the virus to an extent.

If we all stand together and follow the instructions, we’ll be able to fight the virus and hopefully heal everyone soon.