Michela Giraud: The Truth, I Swear! Why Is It Worth a Watch?


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Michela Giraud: The Truth I Swear! is the new Netflix special, starring the renowned Italian professional comic unraveling her uproarious life experiences, in front of an audience.

The show was released on April 6, 2022, with a runtime of a little more than 60 minutes. From the phase of Vinile, in Rome, the show is directed by Vittorio Antonacci and has original Italian audio with English subtitles.

Who is Michela Giraud?

Michela Giraud is a well known Italian professional comic who began her career in 2015 and before long gained popularity with her part in the parody TV show, Colorado.

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Followed by various stints on TV shows and viral talks from her stand-up on Youtube, spread the word about her a well name. In 2020, she won the Satire Award for Best Stand-Up Comedian.

Michela Giraud: The Truth, I Swear!

The Truth: Self-Deprecating Mirror of the Society

The show gets going with a quick presentation of the intro music, trailed by Michela Giraud telling about her quarrel with Demi Lovato fans when she emerged as non-binary. Michela never imagined that she would get demise dangers from somebody named ‘cutiepie337‘ over an innocuous joke that, she didn’t think would land her in a Twitter storm.

Moving from her antagonist’s popularity, a significant portion of her show is tied in with being a not-really stick-thin female in this world. Michela Giraud hates to be called ‘stunning’.

The word thrilling to her sounds like a beast coming to raid everybody’s refrigerators. Shopping is a nightmare where you are outcasted to the ‘thrilling zone’ with trial room mirrors conflicting with your self esteem.

She jokes that ladies are something like a piece of cardboard since they are constantly called ‘extreme‘ when they achieve anything that is typical for a male partner. However, men arent saved too, she says that white straight men are a marginalized bunch now and further kids about the notorious digital broadcasts by such men that think ladies are 2nd level citizens.

I Swear!: All Comes Down to Childhood

To discuss the stand-up show, you don’t for even a moment need to have much familiarity with Michela Giraud in light of the fact that she will tell about her life history in the show. Brought into the world in 1987 in North Rome, in a middle-class Catholic family, she will undoubtedly grow up with anxiety, panic assaults, Catholic guilt and impending feeling of destruction (woah).

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She explains that the motivation behind why she can’t manage her recently discovered acclaim is a result of her family maxim – dread the god. The irony of the religious teachings that tell us never to praise our delights such a lot of that God might see us and punishes us.

Obviously with all the turmoil and destruction on the planet, being glad for a full score in maths is a valid justification for destruction.

The best thing about Michela Giraud is that she can easily move starting with one topic then onto the next while carrying on the trail from the previous topic. Her point of view about growing up with controlling guardians and a disabled sibling with Asperger’s is a plot of a sitcom.

Michela Giraud: The Truth, I Swear!

Indeed, even subsequent to gaining notoriety, she still hasn’t got recognized by her folks, who are continuously trying to land her the position of a security monitor at the exhibition hall.

Final Contemplations: Stream It or Skip It?

It’s difficult to pass judgment on a satire stand-up when you are watching the comedian interestingly. The Netflix special Michela Giraud: The Truth I Swear! will make you giggle and you will get to discover a great deal about the life of a not-really thin roman girl growing up in the ‘90s.

The title of the show remains as evident, touching on surprising topics like popularity, family and acknowledgment of oneself in relation to generalizations.

The jokes are not a few irregular words but rather there’s a single theme running all through the show, that is Michela Giraud herself. She is the point of convergence of the show with satire liberated from hypocrisy and provocative mindfulness that comes from her riveting genuine stories.

Michela Giraud, the outstanding comedian with uncompromising humor!

Quite possibly of the most famous Italian professional comic, Michela Giraud began performing in clubs all over Italy in 2015.

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Because of his bright and sarcastic humorin that very year she arrived on television, in the parody show Colorado. In 2017 she was important for the cast of the satirical late night show CCNComedy Central News led by Saverio Raimondo. In 2018 she joined the cast of Girls’ TV – The States General, reboot of a genuine faction of Italian TV.

Michela Giraud: The Truth, I Swear!


Michela Giraud, Who Is Her Boyfriend and What Occupation Does She Do?

Undisputed protagonist of the first edition of Lol-what laughs’ identity is out on Prima Video, Michela Giraud flaunts a really impressive career. Having obtained her diploma as an entertainer in 2014, the exceptionally nice Roman started to make her first strides in this world immediately later.

Furthermore, she at no point ever halted in the future. Effective entertainer and, presently, alongside Michelle Hunziker in her prime time of Canale 5, Giraud is one of the most adored faces by all the Italian public.

How Did Her Career Turn Up?

A career therefore diversified, theater, radio, cinema and TV. Professional comic as a main vocation, yet additionally creator in the projects Green mice, Those who football And Challenge 4.

It additionally participates in the new edition of Girls’ TV – The States General 1988-2018 it’s at The right put – both on rai 3 – on Rai 3; to Go wild on Rai 2.

At the cinema, then again, he made his presentation in 2016, with Babysitters from Francesco Mandelliand before the pandemic goes on visit with the show Michela Giraud and other animals. Then, there is Il Salotto with Michela Giraudon Sky, and Once upon a time … there was loveon Real Time, where it helps couples in crisis.

Michela Giraud: The Truth, I Swear!


Netflix declares Michela Giraud, the truth, I swear! There professional comic Italiana is the protagonist of the new special which will be available from 6 April in each of the 190 countries where the service is active. This is what’s in store from the new show on the stage.

From the phase of the Vinyl, in Rome, strictly standing, alone, before her audience, Michela Giraud tells one episode, its truth. All through the solid and humble point of view that has consistently distinguished it. In this specialproduced by DAZZLE, Michela faces, with extraordinary self-irony, existential themes, exceptionally private, yet in addition the mirror of an entire generation, continuously remaining faithful to only one most minimized shared factor: herself.

Stories of reality, childhood and her relationship with her sister, youthfulness, adaptation to popularity, generalizations of life and how it is possible to separate them.

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