Michael Jackson Death Reaction: This Is What His Identity Was!


Saloni Singh

Discussing Michael Jackson‘s 2009 death, she accused Dr Conrad Murray, who was sentenced for compulsory murder, for getting her dad snared on sedative. “All bolts point” to Jackson having been killed in some way, she said.

01.The King of Pop!

Celebrated by people both young and mature from everywhere the world, Michael Jackson wasn’t simply a performer, he was an American symbol. took the road only hours after his passing to get response from a portion of his most diehard followers as they respond to his death, share their number one Michael Jackson second and reflect on the one who will be for all time known as The King of Pop.

02.Samantha Johnson!

“I was shocked when I heard the news. He was so young. I thought it was talk from the beginning. Everybody has grown up listening to Michael Jackson. He’s a legend-he was a living legend. I’m certain he’ll be missed.”

  1. Samira Drummond!

“The main thing I believed was what on God’s green earth happened? It was completely unexpected. My little brother’s name is Michael. At the point when he was conceived, we asked our folks on the off chance that we could name him Michael Jackson.

michael jackson death reaction

Michael as well as Michael Jackson. They comprimised and gave us simply the Michael instead. Growing up as a child of the 1980s, Michael was a ruler.”

  1. Khalil Harrison!

“It’s disastrous. I grew up with Michael and followed a lot of his hit melodies. He’ll definitely be missed. He was loved by everybody, not simply African-Americans. He made good music that we as a whole listened to and enjoyed.”

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  1. Pascale Poma!

“I’m a cosmetics artist and I was supposed to deal with Michael Jackson‘s new visit. My friend sent me an email saying he had died.

I was supposed to the visit contract on Monday, so my ground is really shaken at the present time. I was blissful about the visit and yet, I had a feeling something bad planned to happen. He’s somebody I loved without question.

  1. Tammy Shannon!

“Sadness hit me when I heard. I was like, Good gracious, the king! Michael was only a couple of years older than me so I grew up watching him. I belonged to the official Michael Jackson group of followers.

michael jackson death reaction

I had banners of Michael and Jermaine on my wall. My main tune of all-time was “Billie Jean” because I thought perhaps, quite possibly, I was his Billie Jean.”

07.Arnold Fortune!

“I recall in 1978 when I was a police officer in Trinidad, Michael Jackson came there to do a show. I was on his security detail and it was a rushed detail. Wherever he went, ladies would begin shouting.

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He didn’t have time to be bashful because the ladies were all over him. I will always love Michael Jackson. He went through a lot of trials and tribulations however he’s special to me.”

08 Chris Bridewater!

“At the point when I heard a lady telling somebody on the tram, ‘Michael Jackson is dead,‘ I felt like crying because I think the manner in which people treated him welcomed on this coronary episode. This person never had a childhood. He was a major man attempting to live a child’s dream. I think he was a monster before his time.”

09 Anonymous!

“From the outset, I didn’t know whether it was valid or not. However, when I heard he had actually died, I was shocked and I started recalling all his melodies like “Butterflies” and “You Are Not Alone.”

michael jackson death reaction

10 Ryan Coucil!

“He was the best, most influential artist of all time. You realize your significance is defined by who you motivate. The person was a pioneer. He changed the game at all levels. You can name no less than 20 artists who followed him: Omarion, Justin Timberlake, Usher. Michael was the model and everybody else recently followed.

11 Theresa Jones

“I started to cry when I found out. Only a few days ago, somebody asked me, ‘Who was your youngster idol?’ And I said, Michael Jackson. I love Michael Jackson. I love “PYT” because when I was younger, my friends and I made Shirts with PYT composed all over them. James Earthy colored’s funeral was ludicrous. I can’t envision what Michael Jackson’s will be like.

12 Tori L. Barclay

“I was shocked. I did a dance to “Thriller” for my senior year show. He was a role model to such countless people who really looked dependent upon him.”

13 Jackson Alexander, Jr.

“I was surprised however at that point once more, Mike’s experienced a whole lot. We’ve lost a lot of celebrities because of their high-pressure lifestyles. I’m saddened because he was my age and he couldn’t pull through something like this.

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As an African-American man, I’m concerned with what’s befalling other Black men. Look at Luther Vandross, Gerald Levert and presently Michael. This was like an admonition call for me because I’m asking myself, what is it that I need to do to make it another year.”

michael jackson death reaction

14 Charlotte D. Gould

“He was so larger-than-life yet it just seemed like he was in this continual downward spiral. He didn’t appear to be content with what his identity was or what he had become. He was from an exceptionally popular family yet it didn’t appear as though it was sufficient. Assuming that I had to describe him in three words, I would say he was extraordinary, gifted and sad.”

15 Betsy Johnson

“My husband and I were on a transport coming into the city and the transport driver announced that Michael Jackson had passed. He is the King of Pop and he has set the ultimate standard with such countless phenomenal records. My child grew up thinking he was Michael Jackson.

“Thriller” is my all-time most loved Michael Jackson melody. There won’t ever be another individual like him.”

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