Michael Bisping Wife: Is Rebecca Wife of Michael Bisping?


David Mudd

Name Rebecca Bisping
Spouse Michael Bisping
Married In 2014
Children Ellie Bisping, Callum Bisping, Lucas Bisping

Michael Bisping is best known for his tenure as a fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He has a professional MMA record of 30-9-0.

Bisping, who was born and raised in Lancashire, England, is one of the most well-known figures in the history of mixed martial arts. He began training in jiu-jitsu at the age of eight, which was the beginning of his MMA career. For a brief period between 2004 and 2005, while participating in small promotions including as P&G 2, UKMMAC, CWFC, Cage Rage, and CWFC, “The count” amassed an undefeated 10-1 record.

Michael Bisping Wife

In 2016, Bisping competed for the third season of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He went on to win the fight and earn a contract with the UFC after defeating Josh Haynes in the final round. As a result of his recurrent losses, he was demoted to a gatekeeper role in the promotion by the end of 2014, and he was even involved in other initiatives such as film production.

The next year, after Chris Weidman was sidelined with an injury, Bisping agreed to fight for the middleweight championship against Luke Rockhold on short notice. Bisping entered the fight as a huge underdog against a fighter who had Bisping’s number from their previous encounter.

Bisping won the fight by decision. Unexpectedly, he defeated Rockhold in round one by KO and went on to become the first British champion in the history of the United Fighting Championships.

He was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in March 2019, a year after his retirement from the sport.

“Beating Anderson Silva at the time was massive – I always wanted to fight him for obvious reasons, he was a long-time champion and the greatest of all time,”

“But then I fought for the belt and won the belt, so winning the title obviously trumps that. Then defending the belt in Manchester, in England, was definitely a high point.”

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Rebecca Bisping, Michael Bisping’s Wife:

Michael Bisping Wife

When I was a child, I was raised in Adelaide, Australia. Michael Bisping’s wife, Rebecca Bisping, is a former UFC fighter. Her birthday is on the 30th of October, but no one knows when year she was born. Despite her husband’s tremendous success and popularity, she has managed to keep her private life out of the public eye. There is no information on her upbringing, schooling, or family.

For over two decades, the couple had been seeing each other. Rebecca was a regular guest on Michael’s podcast, “believe you me,” and was often spotted ringside during his fights. When asked why she doesn’t read forums about her spouse on UFC on the Fly, he said that he doesn’t comprehend the human aspect of them.

As Rebecca pointed out, most people don’t know that Bisping is also a loving parent and friend. On her Instagram account, which has more than 250,000 followers, she posts about her social life.

When did Michael and Rebecca Bisping tie the knot?

Rebecca and Michael wed in May 2014, six years after they first started dating. They were presented by none other than the legendary Bruce Buffer.

“This is the moment that everybody has been waiting for! This is the first day of marriage for the rest day as the couple walk down the isle of lava forever”

Lucas, Callum, and Ellie are the couple’s three children – two sons and one girl in total.

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