Meta Launched Twitter’s Competitor: Here’s What You Need to Know!


Swarnali Datta

Life is all about an alternative; be it a career path or an app, it’s good to have option B ready for the what-if situations in life; the best instance of which is found in the tech world.

At a time when Twitter is struggling to maintain its user base in light of Elon Musk’s takeover last year, Meta is attempting to draw people looking for alternatives. Meta may soon launch its own Twitter competitor. Facebook and Instagram’s parent firm said that it is developing a separate, text-based, decentralized social network.

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s learn more about it and maybe get some gossip too! *winks*

The all new Twitter-like platform

In an effort to displace Twitter as the global “digital town square,” Meta Platforms Inc. is considering plans to release a new social media application. The decentralized framework of Mastodon, a service similar to Twitter that was introduced in 2016 and currently has roughly 2 million monthly active users, will serve as the foundation for Meta’s app.

“For exchanging text updates, we’re investigating a standalone decentralized social network. We think there is room for a special area where artists and public people may provide timely information about their passions, “a Meta representative informed Reuters. The undertaking has the codename P92.

According to reports, the platform will bear the Instagram logo, and users will be able to access the text-based network using their Instagram login information. Re sharing, uploading pictures and videos, and sharing tappable links in posts with previews are just a few of the Twitter-like capabilities the new network is said to include.

Seeing the bio, account handle, and verification badges will also be an option. According to reports, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, is overseeing the early stages of the initiative.

It wasn’t really clear when Meta will release the new app. After acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp in the early 2010s, Meta had a surge in user growth, but TikTok, a Chinese short-video app, has recently become a fierce competitor. In the December 2022 quarter, Meta’s family of apps’ monthly active users increased by 4.2% as opposed to 8.8% rise the previous quarter.

Jehil Thakkar, the partner of Deloitte India said- “It is a strategy to dominate all spaces under the social media and have offerings that cover all use-cases and demographics.”

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Decentralization of the platform

In contrast to Facebook and Instagram, Meta intends to decentralize the platform. In essence, it means that users would be allowed to design their own communities or servers with their own rules. Additionally, it will enable the platform to incorporate apps from third parties.

As per a source- “The plan as of now is that the MVP (minimum viable product) will definitely allow our users to broadcast posts to people on other servers. It may or may not enable our users to follow and view the content of people on other servers.”

It was gathered from another source that “the team is also discussing whether to have the ability to reshare content like Twitter apart from business and creator accounts. A rights manager will be integrated from the beginning for first party content, but probably not for third party content from other apps and servers.”

Meta Launched Twitter’s Competitor

Along with Meta’s existing privacy policy, the platform will also have a supplemental privacy policy.  The source revealed- “P92 users will be notified of and agree to this notice/terms when signing up to P92. Eventually, the graph will split and, after initial sign up, the data sharing from Instagram to P92 will be minimal, if not none.”

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Elon Musk’s reaction

In a scenario like this, the new CEO would surely have a lot to say. Twitter CEO Elon Musk called Meta a “copy cat” for seeking to create a particular platform that would be comparable to Twitter. This unquestionably waved a raging debate!

When the headline “Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta investigating plans to establish a rival to Twitter” surfaced on the music news website Daily Loud, the whole situation had begun. “Why though? is he like people are mad at Elon musk, I’ll make an alternative because everyone loves me and Facebook so much,” a user proposed.

Other users also expressed their thoughts on Musk’s response. “I’m sure people will be dying to join another Meta platform plagued with ‘independent fact checkers’ suppressing conversations and content moderators taking down memes. Sounds fun!” said a user.

Another person commented: “Facebook should start making rockets and electric cars as well since they so ‘good’ at what they do.”

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