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Messiah Season 2: Fans Left At Cliffhanger, Netflix Cancels Show


David Mudd

What can worse than this pandemic? Your favourite getting cancelled after it’s very first season. Yes, that is what Messiah fans are feeling at this point in their life. They never thought that Netflix would cancel the show just after one season. Netflix did this with many other shows in the past year, and they did this yet again. This is something that now fans are not liking about Netflix.

They either need to clear the reason why they are doing this with fans, or they need to stop doing this.

Fans Need More New Shows In Quarantine Not The News Of Their Favorite Show Getting Cancelled:


This is terrible news for all the fans out there. They expected something that will make this hard time easy for them. Netflix will release some new shows and movies in the next few months, but this news came as a shock for the fans. There are so many bad things happening all around the world, and when the fans hear this, this might depress them.

No one understands why Netflix does things like these. They are the biggest streaming platform in the world. Messiah was not a flop show, and if there were some issues between them and the creators, they should solve it. Why do fans have to suffer every time?

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2020 Is The Worst Years For Mankind (Messiah)

This year is the worst. Corona pandemic is not stopping at any cost. Most of the countries in the world are facing the wrath of it. USA, Italy, Spain are going down, and people are dying continuously. There is nothing that is working, even after locking down entire countries this virus is not stopping. We hope that the people who are safe stay safe. We are urging you not to get out, and please take care of yourself.


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Netflix Need To Rethink Over Their Policies:

Netflix needs to rethink on their policies. They need to keep a show for at least two seasons. It is not good to analyse if a show is good enough or not just with one season. Some shows had regular first seasons and incredible second and further seasons.