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Messiah Season 2: Best Fan Theories On The Internet, Release Date, Cast, Plot And More


David Mudd

Messiah is one of the most incredible shows on the popular streaming platform Netflix. It is a very unique and new concept which has attracted a lot of viewers to be involved with the show!

The Plot

Michael Petroni, the creator of the show, claimed that the prime objective of the show was to understand and decipher the reactions of ordinary people to the Messiah.

Messiah is a Christ-like man who is sent to earth by the almighty himself. He gains quick popularity and has a lot of following from all across the planet. The believers belong to different faiths ranging from Jews to Muslims.


The concept of the show is very intriguing as the modern world is fast changing. It is honestly hard to keep up with the new trends every day, and the show captures the response of this technologically advanced generation towards the Messiah.

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Will There Be A Next Season?

Unfortunately, to everyone’s disappointment, there won’t be another season of the show. Wil Travel took to his Instagram to announce the sad news after receiving confirmation from the fans. He also acknowledged the fans for their constant support and love!

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Why Did The Messiah Show End?

Netflix decided that it wouldn’t be feasible to continue the show. This is because the shooting is supposed to take place at multiple locations. And with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it wouldn’t be possible to go on with the shoot.

But fans are still hoping for a new season after the situation is under control. And Netflix might reconsider the decision. We are hoping for a comeback when possible.



Till then, please stay home and stay safe and watch this space for updates on your favorite TV shows and movies! Let us know your reaction to this disappointing news in the comment section below!

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