Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161 Release Date, Reddit Spoilers and Where to Read!


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Mercenary Enrollment is a popular manhwa. Manhwa, a term used to describe Korean comic books and webcomics, is akin to Japan’s manga and the comic books of Western culture. Mercenary Enrollment is currently about to release its chapter 161. The manhwa follows Ijin Yu, who, at the age of eight, tragically loses his parents in a plane crash. Alone in a foreign land, he resorts to becoming a child mercenary to ensure his survival.

We will talk about Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161 release date, release time, recap of the previous chapter, spoilers, and more! Have a quick look on what you need to know so far about Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161. 

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161 Release Date

The wait for the release of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161 is over now. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161 will release on Nov 04, 2023. The new chapter is going to bring a lot of excitement. Also read about the release of many more upcoming chapters of new webtoons in the town like Surviving The Game As a Barbarian Chapter 37 Release Date, and I am Being Raised by The Villains Chapter 38 Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161 Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment Previous Chapter Recap

In the previous chapter we have discovered, Number two couldn’t afford to wait for his arrival. Ijin received a picture of Alice from him, with an explanation that she hails from the woods. Ijin remained oblivious to Alice’s true identity.

Number 2 could empathize with others, just like Ijin, as he wouldn’t have disclosed his sister’s information if he had known she was Alice. Ijin also disclosed her recent entry into SW’s security team, even though the environment isn’t child-friendly. Number two speculated that the forest must have generated its own plan. For more recaps based on Mercenary Enrollment, go through Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 156Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 157, and Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 160 

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161 Reddit Spoilers

Official spoilers may be released soon. Stay tuned! We can anticipate exciting revelations in the upcoming chapter, shedding light on the events from the previous one. What are your thoughts?

Where to Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161?

Are you looking for a platform where you can easily enjoy the exciting upcoming chapter Mercenary Enrollment? Well, the upcoming Chapter 161 of Mercenary Enrollment can be found in its raw Korean format on Naver Webtoon. To read the English translation, head over to Line Webtoon under the title Teenage Mercenary. We recommend our readers to use the official platforms to both support and recognize the original creators.

Is Mercenary Enrollment Worth Reading?

Do you have any doubts regarding this manhwa? Well, we understand your concern. Worry not. We are her to clear all your doubts and guide you to the right direction. If you are wondering whether Mercenary Enrollment is worth reading? Well, it is. If the genre, author, and reviews align with your taste, Mercenary Enrollment is a highly recommended read. It excels in plot, art, dialogue, action, and story progression.

Each chapter is a must-read, making it a series worth diving into if you haven’t started yet. Each chapter has its own twist and turns that take place many and different events at the same time. What are your next plans? You should give it a read, if you have never read it yet. 


Mercenary Enrollment is one of the popular manhwas. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161 will release on Nov. 02, 2023. The chapters are released weekly. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161 will be available to read on Naver Webtoon and Line Webtoon.

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