Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 147 Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Recap, and Where to Read!


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“Mercenary Enrollment,” one of the most anticipated manga series, has a new chapter, and fans are impatiently awaiting the next chapter’s release. YC created this manga series. Rak Hyun illustrated it.

Yu Ijin was the sole survivor of a tragic plane disaster in a different country. He became a well-known mercenary in order to survive, honing his arm-to-arm skills, marksmanship, and fighting ability into those of a competent predator. However, ten years later, when he meets soldiers sent from South Korea, he rediscovers his remaining family: a lovely little sister named Dayun and a warm-hearted grandfather.

We’ve covered every detail about the next chapter’s publication date, raw scans, recap, spoilers, and where to read the next chapter in one blog post. Continue reading our article to gain all of this information.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 147 Release Date

Fans all over the world are eager to learn when the next part of “Mercenary Enrollment” will be released. The next chapter of “Mercenary Enrollment” will be released on July 30, 2023.

The following is the worldwide schedule for the upcoming chapter:

Time Zone Time
Pacific Daylight Time 9 AM
Central Daylight Time 11 AM
Eastern Daylight Time Noon
British Summer Time 5 PM
India Standard Time 3 PM
Korea Standard Time 5 PM
Australia Central Daylight Time 12:30 AM
Philippines Standard Time 11:00 PM
Chinese Standard Time 11:00 PM

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 147 Raw Scans

The final chapter of Mercenary Enrollment was packed with narrative twists, thrills, excitement, and tension, and it concluded on a cliffhanger. As a result, fans are always requesting raw scans of the next chapter in order to find out what will happen in the following chapter.

However, no raw scans are currently accessible to share with you, which is unfortunate. Raw scans are made available three to four days before the official chapter. Stay connected with us for quick updates on raw scans for the upcoming episode if you want to acquire the raw scans.

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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 147 Spoilers

Fans are constantly seeking spoilers or leaks for the next chapter, so here they are spoilers or predictions for the upcoming chapter. Alex formed alliances with the other mercenaries, and these mercenaries demonstrated teamwork and were able to achieve Alex’s goals.

In the following chapter, we may see Alex battle his potential and overcome every impediment in his path. The following chapter will also be packed with plots, thrills, action, and suspense. Stay tuned for more manga spoilers and leaks.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 146 Recap

In the previous chapter, the protagonist, Alex, faces a slew of new challenges that put his talents and tenacity to the test. These challenges push him to his limits and force him to think imaginatively in order to conquer them. The chapter contains descriptions of violent battle sequences that bring the action to life.

mercenary enrollment chapter 147 release date

Readers will be enthralled by Alex’s encounters with formidable adversaries, which reveal his full potential and demonstrate his warrior evolution.

Alex forms unexpected alliances with other mercenaries, and the plot twists and turns. These alliances become invaluable in supporting him in attaining his goals and overcoming seemingly hopeless challenges. This highlights the need for teamwork and trust in the mercenary business.

The storyline twists introduced in Chapter 146 give substance and plot to the story. These plot twists leave readers guessing about what will happen next while revealing the characters’ motivations and secrets.

Where to Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 147?

Everyone is curious about where to read the chapter, so you can all read the future chapter of “Mercenary Enrollment” in raw format on the prominent platform Naver, and for the English translation, you may check on Mercenaryenrollment.

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Finally, fans of “Mercenary Enrollment,” the widely awaited manga series, are looking forward to Chapter 147. The manga’s fascinating storyline and well-crafted characters continue to attract fans all around the world. Chapter 147 is scheduled to be released on July 30, 2023.

While raw scans and spoilers are not currently available, fans can read the raw version of the chapter on Naver and the English translation on Mercenaryenrolment.

The novel builds anticipation as it progresses, promising more action, suspense, and surprises in future chapters. Follow or bookmark trending news buzz for more manga updates.