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Meghan Markle Struggling With Life After The Letter Controversy?

From the words of an unknown relative, it seems that the Duchess of Sussex is troubling with her life in LA. It was in January Meghan and Prince Harry moved to LA. After all, within months a newspaper over published Meghan’s handwritten letter to her father. However, the letter was not the problem but the insecurities she felt during her pregnancy got out of the hands. Now she is moving with a legal fight with the newspaper that published it.


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The point that made the controversy was that she told her father she left unprotected. It was when Meghan was pregnant with son Archie. After the outbreak of the news, it is said that it affected even the close bond between the Prince-brothers. Meghan’s relative who needs to be anonymous said that Meghan is very quite now. She added that Meghan may be struggling with life and extremely low with all the unwanted controversy.

According to the relative, she has seen particularly down on William’s birthday. It was on June 21. Above all, Meghan also claimed that this was not the one news or article with which she got damaged. She is now defending her friends who are accused as the reason for the outflow of the private letter. Although, she is not much active as before with many of her friends according to the relative.


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