Megan Fox Hints at Machine Gun Kelly Breakup: Are They No Longer Together? Shocking!


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Megan Fox Hints at Machine Gun Kelly Breakup. Did Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly really break up? Megan Fox posted on her Instagram account that indicated things between her and Machine Gun Kelly, her fiancé might be over. Keep reading to know everything that has been going on.

Megan Fox hints she Broke up with Machine Gun Kelly

Shocking! Megan Fox hints she BROKE UP with Machine Gun Kelly as as she removed all trace of him from her Instagram and DELETES her Instagram account after sharing ‘dishonesty’ post. She shared a photo burning a letter and in the background she placed one of Beyoncé’s songs, which the singer wrote when Jay-Z was dishonest to her. Does she relate to Beyoncé? Is she going through the same?

Megan Fox wrote in her caption, ”You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath,” which are lyrics from Beyoncé’s 2016 track, Pray You Catch Me, about her husband Jay Z’s own affair. She then unfollowed him and deleted her Instagram account. What is even more more surprising is they were last pictured together just hours before her post at Drake’s Super Bowl party in Scottsdale, Arizona.


You know what is tricky about all this fuss? Before deleting her Instagram account, she started following Eminem, one of only three people she followed. Her followers then started filled her comment section with multiple of comments.

Megan Followed All The People MGK Hated

Megan did something totally unexpected, while making some changes to her Instagram account, she unfollowed all the Instagram accounts except actor Timothee Chalamet, and singers Harry Styles and Eminen. However, very shortly, she decided to delete her account. It has become impossible to look at her account.

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Since then Fans are wondering what was the inetention behind following people MGK hated? Was it an act of taking revenge. Of course, her comment section filled with lots of question but before we could notice any other activity, she decided to say goodbye to her Instagram page without any information. These Instagram actions were cearly leading that ALL IS NOT WELL BETWEEN THESE TWO.

Megan Fox Hints at Machine Gun Kelly Breakup

Are Did Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Really No Longer Together?

As we have mentioned above about everything that gives a hint that the two might no longer together. There is no reason behind these actions come out fro now but It does sound like Megan Fox is really hurt and felt betrayed Based on the actions, that have led the media and fans to believe that they probably broke up, we are believing that two parted ways.

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However, Neither of them have confirmed anything. All we can expect is to wait for them to confront what actually happened? No cause of their break up has revealed yet. Anything that comes out, we’ll surely let you know in the upcoming updates.

Were Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly About To Get Married?

The couple have been engaged for the past year, and the actress has been quite expressive about publicly flaunted her ardent love for her fiance. It was couple’s busy schedules thst are holding up the wedding plans, but what happened recently shook everyone. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly appeared together at Drake’s Super Bowl LVII party in Arizona before this incident.

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Fox has since deleted her Instagram account after posting burning letters and ‘dishonesty’ caption.

Megan Fox Hints at Machine Gun Kelly Breakup

When Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly Fell In Love

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly met in the year 2020 while filming Midnight in the Switchgrass. They started dating and got engaged in 2022. It was who MGK proposed to Megan Fox with a striking emerald and diamond ring. The couple has been loved by many fans and Thus Fans are ,at the same time, hoping to hear some good news from them.


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