Meet British Singer FKA Twigs New Boyfriend! Get to Know Jordan Hemingway And Famous Exes of FKA Twigs


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Learn about Jordan Hemingway, and meet British Singer FKA Twigs new boyfriend a photographer, director, and cinematographer based in London. Learn more about him and his photographic work.

FKA Twigs Introduces Her New Boyfriend On Social Media

FKA Twigs has revealed that she is currently in a romantic relationship with Jordan Hemingway. In response to rumors about her new relationship with the artist, the singer-songwriter made this announcement. She posted photos of herself and Jordan on Instagram and even tagged him in the post to beat fans to the search

FKA Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, explained that she decided to share her relationship with the public because she had previously been pursuing her previous dating history throughout her career.


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FKA twigs also shared a photo of Jordan embracing her, as well as one of him taking a shirtless selfie in front of a mirror. The 35-year-old artist received encouragement and a message of privacy from supermodel Naomi Campbell, who commented on the post.

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Julia Fox, an actress, and socialite, also expressed her support in the comments section with a string of heart-eye emojis.

FKA Twigs Past Relationship With Matt Healy

FKA’s new relationship comes after she reported her split from Matt Healy after dating in 2020. According to an insider who spoke to The Sun in June, FKA twigs and Matt Healy had broken up. The source explained that despite the optimism from those around them, things did not work out between the two.

The split was not the result of a major argument or falling out, but rather due to the couple’s work commitments pulling them in different directions after the end of the lockdown. The source stated that FKA was understandably upset about the breakup, but was receiving support from her friends during this difficult time.

FKA Twigs Past Relationship With Shia LaBeouf

Before her relationship with Matt Healy, FKA twigs was in a romantic relationship with Shia LaBeouf, a Transformers actor. However, their relationship ended on a sour note when FKA accused him of “relentless” abuse.

She also filed a lawsuit against him, accusing the Hollywood star of s*xual battery, assault, and emotional distress. In an interview with Elle for their March 2021 cover story, FKA twigs spoke candidly about her previous relationship with Shia LaBeouf.

Despite LaBeouf’s denial of the allegations, FKA said she was grateful to have survived the relationship. The couple met in 2019 while filming Honey Boy and dated for just over a year.

Meet British Singer FKA Twigs New Boyfriend

FKA explained that she did not have the courage to leave the relationship, but rather considered herself fortunate to have escaped the situation alive. She wished she could blame her survival on her own strength or upbringing, but she eventually admitted that she was simply lucky to be alive.

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Shia LaBeouf denied all of FKA’s claims, including allegations of assault and knowingly transmitting a s*xually transmitted disease. According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, LaBeouf’s legal team issued a response to the lawsuit denying all of the allegations made by Twigs.

They also denied that Barnett suffered any injury or loss as a result of LaBeouf’s actions and claimed that she was not entitled to any relief or damages.

FKA Twigs Past Relationship With Robert Pattinson

Prior to that, FKA twigs was in a highly publicized relationship with Robert Pattinson, who starred in The Batman. They got engaged in 2015 but ended their engagement two years later.

What More We know About Jordan Hemingway?

Jordan Hemingway is a photographer, director, and cinematographer who lives in Los Angeles. M+A Talent represents him and he is currently based in London. His work is known for its sincerity, beauty, and rawness.

Meet British Singer FKA Twigs New Boyfriend

His bio on the agency’s website states that he creates a wide range of work, including printed fine art and gritty celluloid that challenges conventional notions of beauty. As Hemingway revealed in an interview with Dazed Digital, he grew up in New Jersey.

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He was initially interested in skateboarding until he injured himself while doing so. He then began filming his friends and became interested in photography. His father is a jazz musician, and his mother is a doctor. He also revealed that he grew up without a television, but he watched a lot of movies and was a fan of Prince’s music videos.

Jordan Hemingway Is Social Media Savvy

Certainly, Jordan Hemingway has an Instagram profile, like many other artists in the entertainment industry. As of now, he has over 74.3k followers on the platform. As of the writing of this response, his Instagram account has 703 posts. Hemingway is very active on the platform and his feed mainly showcases his photography work.

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