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Meek Mill Net Worth: How Is Meek Mill So Rich? Latest News 2022!


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The predicted net worth of Meek Mill in 2022 is $20 million.

South Philadelphia-based American rapper and songwriter Meek Mill. Prior to signing with T.I’s Grand Hustle Records and Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, he began his career as a battle rapper.

Mill has frequently been in the news as a result of his numerous feuds with other rappers, including Drake, The Game, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent.

Early Years

Meek Mill was born Robert Rihmeek Williams in South Philadelphia on May 6, 1987. Meek’s father passed away when he was just 5 years old, leaving Mill and his sister to be raised by their mother.

As a child, Meek was extremely shy/quiet, and his family lived in poverty. As a teenager, he became interested in competing in rap fights. He would stay up late to write rhymes in his notebooks.

At the age of 18, Meek Mill was arrested for unlawfully possessing a handgun and beaten by cops. He was accused of assaulting the cops and placed on probation.


Meek Mill’s career began in 2003, when he and three of his buddies created the rap group The Bloodhoundz. The duo recorded four mixtapes, after which Mill began to get the attention of fellow rappers and record labels.

T.I signed Meek Mill to Grand Hustle Records and provided him with tour opportunities. However, Meek was arrested shortly thereafter for illegal gun possession and narcotics possession.

Due to this, Mill served seven months in prison.

After collaborating with artists such Birdman, Lil Wayne, and DJ Khaled, he was signed to Maybach Music Group in 2011 and began to achieve mainstream recognition at this time.

Meek Mill has released numerous studio albums, EPs, and mixtapes during his career. Many of which will be highlighted in the section that follows.

Mill was serving between two and four years in prison for breaking his parole.

This week, the story has been prominently featured in the news due to a former officer’s claim that another officer lied to send him back to prison. Since then, he has been released.

The predicted net worth of Meek Mill in 2022 is $20 million.


Here are some of Meek Mill’s finest career achievements:

  • Flamers (2008)
  • The hottest Flamers in That City (2009)
  • Mr. Philadelphia (2010)
  • Dream-Seekers (2011)
  • The sequel to Dreamchasers (2012)
  • Nightmares and Nightmares (2012)
  • Dreams Are More Valuable Than Money (2015)
  • 4/4 (2016)
  • Meekend Music (2017)
  • Wins & Losses (2017)

Favorite Meek Mill Quotations

Favorite Meek Mill Quotes (1)

How far you travel in life is determined solely by the scope of your imagination. — Meek Mill

Work harder than anyone you have ever encountered. That is my opinion.” — Meek Mill

“I don’t think there is much I would change about rap. I appreciate that there are no restrictions on rap music. — Meek Mill

“Big dreams become big reality” — Meek Mill

Favorite Meek Mill Quotes (2)

“There are times when I have to remind myself that on my worst day, I live as well as someone on their best.” — Meek Mill

People tend to treat you differently or look at you differently when they see your achievement or the amount of money you earn. — Meek Mill

“I’ve always rapped, even before I started making money from it. Before I became profitable, I had always rapped.” — Meek Mill

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Favorite Meek Mill Quotes (3)

“I stay in my lane, but I’m always striving to get to the next level, if you catch my drift. I stay hungry.” — Meek Mill

“Philadelphia gave me ambition and the urge to achieve more. It is a reminder to maintain my competitive edge. That is not a location I wish to revisit.” — Meek Mill

Appreciate the small things in life, for they are what truly matter. — Meek Mill


Meek Mill is an American rapper and songwriter who has been in numerous feuds in the past.

Meek Mill’s net worth in 2022 is $20 million.

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