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Medical Journal Pleads Americans To Not Re-Elect Trump


David Mudd

Medical Journal Urges American Voters to Not Re-Elect Trump, Slams Him for Coronavirus Response

The Journal Speaks

If the entire pandemic wasn’t a crazy shot to handle, there comes more drama and politics.

A very popular medical journal has raged out against Trump and has urged all American voters to not re-elect him.

The Lancet medical journal has published an editorial wherein they’ve pleaded Americans to not elect him again this time in the November presidential elections.

The journal slammed President Trump for his inconsistent and incoherent response to the pandemic.

The Administration, they said, was only obsessed with magic disinfectants and a hope that the virus will just disappear somehow

Medical journal criticizes Trump administration handling of ...


The journal further said that only a steadfast reliance on test, trace and isolation will see this pandemic leading towards a substantial-end.

They ended, saying, that this will require solidarity and engagement of a huge number of people with utmost belief.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has seen its role having been decreased and led to being almost invisible when it came to containing the virus.

The journal says that the Trump administration has questioned the role of CDC guidelines.

The guidelines were in reference to the entire Virus and a seemingly ordinate way to keep it in check.

This has also led to creating an intelligence vacuum when COVID-19 was just beginning to emerge.

Because CDC apparently never makes mistakes, especially when it comes to testing the early stages of any virus whatsoever.

Leading medical journal calls to replace Trump over health ...

What Could Get Worse

However, marginalizing the entire guideline by the government has led to unforeseen circumstances.

The journal spoke about how the CDC needs a director who can provide undeterred leadership.

They ended their statement by saying that the Trump administration’s erosion of the CDC will also somehow bring demise to global cooperation in science and public health.


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