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Me Time Movie: an Incredible Comedy Film Starring Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart Is Finally Coming!

Me Time Movie

Kevin Hart appears to be reverting to his comedic roots in his most recent Me Time movie again for the streamer, Me Time, following embarking on a relatively serious character than what he’s acquainted with during last year’s Netflix comedy Fatherhood.

Kevin Hart as well as Mark Wahlberg feature in the comedy Me Time movie. The movie was directed and written by John Hamburg.

Hamburg’s work on the comedy Little Fockers, Why Him?, as well as I Love You, Man may be familiar to you. The movie was made by Hartbeat Productions with executive producers Bryan Smiley, Bryan Hamburg, as well as Hart on board.

According to the story, women leaving children at home always result in a life lesson that is told to future generations. Contrary to what many people believe, Netflix is introducing a bizarre but hilarious night away idea that will undoubtedly stick in our memories.

This August, a new comedy called “Me Time” will be released. You can upgrade those weekend binges with the new summer releases from Netflix. Fans of Kevin Hart will undoubtedly be thrilled by this information. With his new Me Time movie, Kevin Hart has all been set to make his Netflix Humor league premiere.

What Will Be the Release Day of the Me Time Movie?

Mid-August saw the start of filming for the Netflix comedy. And it was probably over around October 2021. The movie is part of HartBeat Production’s multiyear deal with Netflix for first-look releases. Prior to this, Netflix produced four movies through HartBeat Productions. We can therefore anticipate close teamwork.

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On Friday, August 26, 2022, the comedy film will debut on Netflix, so set the schedules as well as make time for it. It will be released at 12:00 am Pacific Time, or 3:00 am Eastern Time. Expect the movie to be released at 2:00 a.m. Central Time if you reside in the Midwest.

What Do We Know About the Upcoming Movie?

Hart as well as writer-director John Hamburg previously worked together during the 2018 movie Night School, which also starred Hart. It will be their second time working on a project together. The movie describes a crazy night that turns out to be disastrously wrong.

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Sonny, a father who stays at home, discovers some time for himself. He is currently free for the first time. He has already been taking care of his wife and children for many years. So, he gets in touch with his old friend, Hunk, when his wife and children are gone.

Over the weekend, the best friends catch up. This weekend gets out of hand as they enjoy themselves and end up having the time of their life. Additionally, Sonny’s life is somehow improved. The two of them experience a life-altering weekend.

Who Is the Main Cast of the Comedy Film?

Both Mark Wahlberg as well as Kevin Hart will portray the roles of Sonny and Hunk, respectively. The two well-known and well-liked actors have never appeared in a movie together, but comedy is nothing new to either of them.

In the 2010 movie The Other Guys as well as Seth McFarlane’s Ted television series, Wahlberg starred opposite Will Ferrell. On the other hand, Hart had previously demonstrated his ability to be funny both on stage or in front of the camera in movies including Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

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It would be interesting to watch how these performers complement each other in the new film because all of their comedy performances in films have been excellent.

The ensemble of the Me Time movie also consists of Hart as well as Wahlberg. Jimmy O. Yang from Silicon Valley, Luis Gerardo Méndez from Club de Cuervos, Tahj Mowry from Full House, as well as Carlo Rota from 24 round out the primary cast as Stan, Armando, Kabir, as well as Alberto, respectively.

However, at the time, no information has been released regarding any of these personalities.

Trailer of Me Time!

Unfortunately, the comedy movie’s trailer hasn’t yet been released. Okay, so prepare to stream Netflix while we wait a little longer for the August premiere of the Me Time movie.


Who is in charge of the film Me Time?

The Me Time movie is being directed by John Hamburg.

What category does the movie fall under?

This movie is offered under the comedy genre.

What is the movie’s age rating?

The movie has an R rating.


About any smartphone or tablet you hold, you may now stream content from all across the planet. The cause Netflix is well is because of the accessibility and ease it offers. Whenever you’re going through a rough day, it is indeed a lifesaver.

Whatever your mood may be, it always has something amusing for everyone. Whatever you require is available on Netflix, whether it be a homey Rom-Com or an exciting sci-fi. Me Time, a new Netflix original, is eagerly anticipated. The movie is expected to be entertaining.

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