Maya and the Three Season 2: Everything You Need To Know!


David Mudd

Maya and the Three Season 2 is a Netflix original Mexican animated television series. Maya y Los Tres is the Spanish translation of the program. Jorge R Gutiérrez, who also acts as the show’s writer and director, developed Maya and the three. Tangent Animation developed and worked on the show’s animation. Maya and the Three Season 2 have a perfect 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with positive feedback from both audiences and critics appreciating the plot and animation technique. It features 9 episodes that range in duration from 26 to 44 minutes.

maya and the three season 2

The Netflix animated fantasy series ‘Maya and the Three’ chronicles the exploits of 15-year-old princess Maya, The Eagle Warrior, as she strives to vanquish Lord Mictlan, The God of War, and fulfill an ancient prophecy. Rico the Rooster Wizard, Chimi the Skull Warrior, and Picchu the Puma Barbarian are three skilled but ostracized warriors that follow her. The comedy program, created by Jorge R. Gutiérrez, blends aspects from historical and modern Mesoamerican civilizations with the formula of an action-packed animated fantasy.

Maya and the three have received a great deal of praise not only for their animation but also for the storey they projected, which showed the glory of indigenous communities to the audience. Normally, the Latin American indigenous population does not receive much attention in the mainstream media, but shows like Maya and the three bring these stories to us. When ‘Maya and the Three Season 2‘ premiered in October 2021, it earned excellent reviews for its amazing technological achievements, elaborately woven plotlines, well-rounded characters, and love of Mesoamerican civilizations. It’s no wonder that fans want to see more of Maya, her eccentric team, and her brilliantly beautiful world. So, will there be a season two? Here’s all we know about Season 2 of ‘Maya and the Three.’

The Release Dates For Maya And The Three Season 2

In November 2018, reports surfaced regarding Netflix’s creation of a Mexican animated series, which was later verified by the program’s creator and director, Jorge R Gutiérrez, who described the show as an animated Mexican version of “The Lord of the Rings,” but with more fun.

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The first two episodes of the program aired as the closing ceremony for the Guadalajara Film Festival on October 9, 2021, and all of the episodes were available on Netflix on October 22, 2021. Maya and the Three is a limited series, and no official announcements have been made regarding the new season as of yet, but given the positive response to the first season and the critical acclaim it received, we can assume that there will be a second season focusing on further adventures of Maya and the three warriors that will save humanity from more evils to come.

Are Maya and the Three Coming Back for Season 2?

No, Maya and the Three will not return for a second season on Netflix. The animated series was marketed as a miniseries, which often denotes that the storey will be limited to one season. There have been exceptions to this norm with other series on various networks, particularly if the first season was extremely popular with viewers. Maya and the Three, on the other hand, are not likely to break the mould this time.

maya and the three season 2

Maya and the Three Tales

The story of Maya and the three is set in Mesoamerica, when numerous indigenous cultures existed. All of these tribes fervently believed in gods and prayed to them if something went wrong. Maya is a warrior princess of one such indigenous community who is celebrating her fifteenth birthday when underworld gods appear and warn her that she must repay her family’s past where they killed many people to capture territories or gods will take control of all humanity.

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She embarks on a quest where she meets three warriors who will help her defeat these gods and save humanity.

Recap of Maya and the Three

Maya, the warrior princess, is enjoying her fifteenth birthday when a not-so-special visitor arrives; he is the underworld god, who informs her of the stunning news of her beginnings and issues a warning. Maya is now on a trip to gather three warriors who will aid her in defeating the gods and saving humanity. Maya travels to Luna Island in search of the Rooster wizard, but instead encounters Rocco, a very ordinary-looking man who happens to be the greatest magician ever to have lived. Maya and Rocco are on the hunt for the skull archer when they come into Chimi, a highly skilled fighter.

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Picchu, a mountain barbarian, joins Maya as the team’s third and final member. Lord Mictalin’s army invades the realm, but Maya and her squad fight back. Maya and her warriors face a sea of soldiers; to find out the outcome, watch Maya and the three on Netflix.

maya and the three season 2

Maya and the Three Cast Members

Princess Maya is played by Zoe Saldana. Picchu is portrayed by Gabriel Iglesias. Diego Luna plays the role of Zatz, the Prince of Bats. Lord Mictlan is played by Alfred Molina. Rico is voiced by Allen Maldonado. Chimi is portrayed by Stephanie Beatriz.


As I previously stated, Maya, like The Three Three, has only one season on Netflix. The average age in the inaugural season was 7. There are now nine episodes in the season. With the enormous success of this season we are expecting a new season to be released very soon. Keep following trendingnewsbuzz for all the latest updates on the show.