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The year, 2024, will be filled with the top releases. Recently, we have witnessed how movies like The Fall Guy, Dune 2, and Despicable Me 4 are preparing to release this year and now, we have a fresh update for the audience. Written and directed by Ti West, known for his blockbuster release ‘X’ which stars Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, and Brittany Snow, is back with a new film.

Starring Mia Goth, the newly announced movie, MaXXXine is going to be one of the superhits of this year. Two months ago, A24 released the official trailer for the film, which has already crossed 10 Million views till now. 

The second trailer for the film was released two weeks ago, agitating the fire in the minds of the viewers. After watching back-to-back videos for the film, viewers are keen to know the details of the movie.

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Directed by Ti West
Written by Ti West
Produced by
  • Mia Goth
  • Jacob Jaffke
  • Ti West
  • Kevin Turen
  • Harrison Kreiss
  • Mia Goth
  • Elizabeth Debicki
  • Moses Sumney
  • Michelle Monaghan
  • Bobby Cannavale
  • Halsey
  • Lily Collins
  • Giancarlo Esposito
  • Kevin Bacon
Cinematography Eliot Rockett
Edited by Ti West
Music by Tyler Bates


  • Motel Mojave
  • Access Entertainment
Distributed by A24
Release dates
  • June 24, 2024
  • July 5, 2024 (United States)
Running time 104 minutes
Country United States
Language English

MaXXXine Release Date: When is it going to Premiere on the Screen?

There have been a lot of talks going around the internet regarding the upcoming film, and we know that you guys are also overwhelmed with all the trailers and teaser photos. You will be glad to learn that the MaXXXine is already out.

As per the information, On June 24, 2024, the movie was officially premiered at TCL Chinese Theatre. With the release of the movie in the Chinese Theatre, fans are eager to watch it on the screen.

Don’t worry because the creator has officially confirmed the date for that too. Surprised! Well, the official release date for the premiere of the movie is announced for July 5, 2024 (United States). Get ready to watch the film on the date.

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MaXXXine Cast: Who will be in it?

Who will be there in the film? The cast of the film is officially mentioned and if you are wondering about them, here is the list of cast that you are waiting for

  • Mia Goth as Maxine Minx
  • Elizabeth Debicki as Elizabeth Bender
  • Moses Sumney as Leon Green
  • Michelle Monaghan as Detective Williams
  • Bobby Cannavale as Detective Torres
  • Halsey as Tabby Martin
  • Lily Collins as Molly Bennett, an actress in The Puritan II.
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Teddy Knight, an agent for the adult film industry, and Z-list film actors.
  • Kevin Bacon as John Labat, a private investigator
  • Sophie Thatcher

MaXXXine Plot Details: What to Expect with the Show?

The official synopsis of the show reads, “In 1980s Hollywood, adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break. However, as a mysterious killer stalks the starlets of Los Angeles, a trail of blood threatens to reveal her sinister past.”

We know you guys are eager to see the story of this film. As the trailer has already been released it was obvious for fans to be anxious for the potential future.

MaXXXine Official Trailer

As we have mentioned above the official trailer for the upcoming movie has finally been released on the platform. If by any chance, you have missed the official trailer of the film, then we are here to help you out. The production house has officially released trailers simultaneously for the fans. Take a look at the trailer and find out everything.

Where to watch the show?

What happens when adult film star and aspiring actress Maxine Minx finally gets her big break? Well, we know that the story of the upcoming film is filled with a lot of excitement and you are looking forward to watching it. MaXXXine will be available to stream on the theater at the given date.

Also, as of now, the officials haven’t mentioned the OTT platform on which the movie will be available. We are looking into the matter and if there comes any news, we will make sure to let you know.

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Final Verdict

MaXXXine has officially confirmed the release date on which the film is confirmed to be released. The upcoming slasher film is directed and written by Ti West, who has already produced similar films before. The movie was officially released at TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on June 24, but the universal release of the movie is yet to premiere.

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