Mattie Westbrouck Girlfriend: Who Is She Currently Dating After Breakup?


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Mattie Westbrouck is a TikTok Star who has come out as Transgender when they turned 14. What do you think of their current relationship status after breaking up with her ex-girlfriend, Bella? Well, there have been rumors circulating all over the internet that claimed Mattie has cheated on Bella with someone else. Do you think that the rumors are true? If yes? Who is Mattie Wesbrouck Girlfriend then? Keep reading to know!

Mattie Westbrouck Biography

Mattie Westbrouck is a young American who is popular for their TikTok Videos that made them become TikTok Star. They were born in the United States of America. Her parents are Baron and Adriana Vanhonsebrouck. Mattie has two siblings, Nolan and Hannah Westbrouck. Nolan, the older brother, is a voice actor and creative director. Their younger sister, Hannah, is a Tiktok star. Westbrouck graduated from high school in 2018.

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Their love life has once gained immense attention and popularity on the internet. They was in a relationship with ex-girlfriend Bella Avila. Their love started with meeting digitally. However, They ended their relationship. Keep reading to know more of her.

Who Is Mattie Westbrouck Girlfriend?

So, do you want to know who is Mattie dating right now? Well, here you go. Mattie Westbrouck is single as of now and is not dating anyone. After having very popular relationship with Bella Avila and their break up, Mattie Westbrouck has decided to stay single for a while. Mattie has also decided to keep their personal life super secret.

If Mattie finds out any someone special in future, we will let you know and we will make sure to bring all the further information for you if their single status turns out to be romantic.

Mattie Westbrouck Girlfriend

Mattie Westbrouck Gender: Coming Out As Transgender

Mattie Westbrouck was born as a girl on September 3, 2000.  As mentioned above, Mattie grew up alongside two siblings, Nolan and Hannah. Nolan is a voice actor and creative director, while Hannah is a TikTok star. Westbrouck attended high school and graduated in the year 2018. However, revealed that shedropped out of college. After joining TikTok, Mattie has recived fame.

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Westbrouck started wondering about their gender identity at age 13. When they turned 14, Mattie decided to take a strong decission that will impact their life forever. Mattie decided to embrace gender realization in a new way as they confidently came out as a non-binary transgender. For this action, many people asked questions related to their pronouns. However, it doesn’t matter whether Mattie is being addressed with he/him or she/her to they/them.

Mattie Westbrouck and Bella Aliva

As mentioned above, Mattie Westbrouck dated a girl named Bella. their relationship with Bella Avila (Isabella), a TikTok star with millions of follower on social media was very public and has always been the matter of public discussion. They met each other on social media and formed a very romantic equation which first began with first friendship.

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On Valentine’s day, Westbrouck  shared some pictures on social mediaiting, “Fall in love with your best friend, and every day will feel effortless Happy V day, my love.

NOTE: The post is now deleted. They posted it while they were in a relationship. Now they are no longer together, there is no point to keep the post on socila media.

Cause of Breakup

Mattie and Bella’s relationship was very public so it is quite natural and obvious for fans to know the cause of their breakup. While many fans showed their disappointment after knowing that Mattie and Bella are no longer together, some fans show their interest about what really has happened that made them part their ways despite being so much in love with each other?

Well, Many rumors claim that the cause of their breakup is Mattie cheated on Bella. Yes, you have read it rightly. However, no one has confirmed the rumor yet so trusting on rumors might be baseless. The two have never released any statement regrading their split. Mattie decided not to reveal or disclose the actual reason behind their breakup.

We will make sure to update it for you the real cause of their separation comes out.


Mattie Westbrouck is a very famous young TikTok star who has accepted herself as a transgender when They turned 14. They  quote confident about who Mattie is and how they feel. Mattie dated a girl named Bella. However, their relationship didn’t exist longer and they called split. Currently, Mattie is single and focused about their TikTok profession. They has also decided to maintain their personal life private but we will provide you all the further updates.

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