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Matrix 4: How Much Are The John Wick Directors Involved In The Movie’s Production?


David Mudd

Matrix 4 is one of the most awaited movies of the time. The trilogy has also associated a lot of fan following. Also, this has associated new badges of honors with the directors of the movie. And they have also shot John Wick.

Chad Stahelski and David Leitch have worked on many movies before. They have done exceptional work in the action genre. So now with Matrix, they are making a separate name for themselves. In this chaos of carving their niche here, the directions have been working on the fourth part of the trilogy.

And this is the most amazing news that could have hit us right now. So what should we expect from the movie? And what will the directors do with the movie? Read on to find out more about Matrix.


Now this Matrix movie is also going to be an action film. And this is the expertise of the directors. So this is going to be amazing. Now the directors are taking a new take on the actions in the movie. They are not doing it themselves.

And neither are they playing second unit directors. So instead they’re talking with the crew about the action sequences. They have exceptionally talked to the filmmaker about how they intend on shooting everything.

So they are expecting the movie to create its action. And be as creative as you can expect it to be. So they are helping the filmmaker in creating something amazing for the audience.

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So this is something new. There have been cases where people have looked onto the Matrix second using directors to shoot action scenes. But then this is nothing that is happening. The filmmaker Lana Wachowski wants to do it her way.


She said that she wants to conceptualize the scenes than prefer sitting behind the cameras. She also wants to have it extremely unique and real. So you are all in for some amazing sequences of action with this movie.