Masked Singer Season 7: Release Date, Costumes and Many More!


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Ready To Watch Masked Singer Season 7 for new season? If yes then little time is left to release its season 7 in which contestants are competing with each other in three teams that are Good Team, Bad Team or the Cuddly Team.

Yes the season is officially announced and ready to air from Wednesday 9 March, 2022.

Now thankfully new costumes are coming to the new season rather than fruits or vegetables costumes and now the costumes of this season are looking better.

These are the costumes which are referred to by these teams.

Team Costumes
Cuddly Baby Mammoth, a bright pink colour elephant.
Bad Cyclops, the scariest one with one eyed crazy unibrow.
Cuddly Lemur, a purple colour squirrel type costume with little hands and big tail.
Good McTerrier, it is a mixture of dog, rabbit fur and wears a blue red dress.
Bad Ram, he looks like he is ready to fight and has golden horns with bright red mohawk.
Cuddly Space Bunny, it looks cute with blue eyes and looks like it wants to travel in space.

Let’s know more about The Masked Singer season 7.

The Masked Singer Season 7: Release Date

Masked Singer Season 7

I know you are searching the release or window date for the new season and finally the date arrives and it is March 9, 2022 for the seventh season. So mark this date or write it in notes for reminder to watch this show’s first episode on Fox Tv.

Celebrities of the show are not known this time and will come to know before the season arrives.

Who are going to be the Judges in The Masked Singer Season 7?

Same are coming back for the new season and they are Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy as may be they are highly paid judges of this show.

According to sources, the host of the new season is Nick Cannon.

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Same things are picked but this time before competing with each others competitors compete with each team which is divided into 3 parts ie. Good, Bad and Cuddly and then the winner is declared or crowned for season 7 but in reality there are no real winners.

You can see the preview for season 7 of Masked Singer which is given below along with trailer 1.


There is also a controversy before the season premiered because of Rudy Giuliani who is making baseless claims and his presence in the show may cause trouble to some of the judges during filming the show while these two judges named Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger remain on the show when Giuliani takes off his mask.

It was also said about Ken, a medical doctor that he was upset from some sources, “Ken was super upset and indeed stormed out. Robin actually followed him because he and Ken are very close friends and he wanted to check on him. Robin Didn’t storm out because of giuliani… Ken felt disrespected and was livid to see Rudy was under the mask which is why he walked off. There’s no way he could hide his feelings.”

Masked Singer Season 7

So wait until March 9 to watch this interesting show on Fox Tv. Till then read our latest articles on Trendingnewsbuzz.com or watch its previous seasons.

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