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Marvel’s Moon Knight Season 1: Release Date, Plot, Cast And More


David Mudd

Doug Moench is the writer behind the story. Marvel’s Moon Knight is the anti-hero of the Marvel Universe. The show will be available on the streaming platform Disney+ after its release.

Release Date (Marvel’s Moon Knight)

The Marvel show also has to face the consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. It is going to be a long time before we can actually see the show.

The accurate release date of the show is not out yet. But speculations say that the show will be released in 2022.

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The Cast

The exact cast for the show still remains suspense. There are various rumours about who will be playing the titular role. Fans have predicted that Daniel Radcliffe will be playing the part of Moon Knight.

But a significant portion of people believes that Keanu Reeves will be in the character of Moon Knight. The information about the rest of the cast is undisclosed.

Marvel's Moon Knight

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The Plot (Marvel’s Moon Knight)

Marc Spector is the protector of New York City for ages, but now, he has to face something so vast and scary, it might blow his mind.

Egyptian Lunar-God of Vengeance and justice, Khonshu is back, and things are about to get really messy. What is in the fate of the city? Only time can give answers to our questions!

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Do We Have A Trailer?

The trailer for the first season of the show is not yet released. Watch this space for updates on the release date and trailer of the show. But if you want to know in-depth about Moon Knight, you can watch the detailed video by clicking on the link mentioned below:

History Of Moon Knight!

Marvel's Moon Knight

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