Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – The Black Order: New Costumes Updated For GOTG And Thanos


David Mudd

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – The Black Order continues to churn out new content for its players. This despite the fact that the game released back in 2019. The Team Ninja, Nintendo and Marvel Games creation has steadily released cool stuff to keep players engaged.

Barrage Of New Content

All this support has turned Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 into one of the best games on the Nintendo Switch. It’s truly one of the console’s best exclusives. Those who purchased the game surely thought it was a sweet deal, considering the myriad of characters, game modes and story missions it came with.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Well, that deal is about to get even sweeter, as the game is about to get some brand new costumes. These costumes, which are free downloads, bring new looks to the Guardians Of The Galaxy and Thanos. They’ll be available to download on March 25, 2020.

Fresh Looks For The Guardians And Thanos

Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, will get his costume from the Annihilation: Conquest storyline in the comics. Gamora will also get the royal blue uniform with red highlights, as will Rocket & Groot.

The remaining main member of the Guardians, Drax, will get his costume from the Thanos Imperative storyline instead. The Mad Titan Thanos, meanwhile, gets his costume from the Annihilation comic book. It’s quite similar to traditional Greek clothing.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3



Building Up To The New DLC (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3)

This new set of costumes isn’t coming out in a vacuum, though. It’s all in anticipation for the game’s upcoming DLC, titled “Fantastic Four – Shadow Of Doom.” As the name suggests, the DLC will finally introduce Marvel’s first family to the game, along with their archnemesis, Doctor Doom. These five characters are sure to add more variety to the game’s already huge roster of playable heroes and villains.

These aren’t the only characters getting costumes because of the new DLC, either. Those who’ve purchased the game’s previous expansion, X-Men: Rise Of The Phoenix, will get new costumes for some of the characters that it introduced if they also grab Shadow Of Doom. Cable’s classic costume, Iceman’s All-New X-Men look, Jean Grey’s Marvel Girl look and Gambit’s Age Of Apocalypse attire are part of this particular package.

Those who have the game’s expansion pass will automatically get all of this content. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – The Black Order is out now for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.