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Marvel: Top 5 Cast Secrets From The Avengers Film


David Mudd

Here are the Marvel Top 5 Cast Secrets!

We’re all fans of the superheroes we’ve been seeing playing our favorite characters from the Marvel. After watching them for years, these stars have become no less than our ideals.

But did you know these secrets about your favorite Marvel superheroes? If not, now is the best time to find out!

Secrets About The Marvel Stars That You Had No Idea About

1. Iron-Man: Robert Downey Jr. (Marvel Top 5 Cast Secrets)

Currently 54, the American actor and producer has won all our hearts with his character of Tony Stark or the Iron Man. He might not have any real superpower other than his genius, but he is still our favorite, right? The man has an undeniable charisma that we can’t help being drawn to.

Downey Jr. Smoked His First Weed With Daddy

Can you believe it? We can’t either. But it’s the truth. Downey Sr. decided that it was best for his son to learn it from his dad, that too at a tender age of nine. Imagine that.

2. Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson (Marvel Top 5 Cast Secrets)

Johansson rules the film industry as the highest-paid actress for the last two years. The 35 years old actress has an extensive collection of commendable work, but the one that has enchanted is her character of Black Widow in Marvel movies (Natasha Romanoff). We love Romanoff’s steely exterior and softcore heart.



Yes, the actress is struggling real life to keep the custody of her daughter, Rose, as her ex-husband, Dauriac fears that young Rose will be left to the nannies while Johansson works.

Marvel Top 5 Cast Secrets

3. Captain America: Chris Evans (Marvel Top 5 Cast Secrets)

Captain America is for us the picture of perfection, both on and off-screen. He may have made many successful movies, but it is as Steve Rogers that the world is going to remember him till the end of time.

Evans Had Passed The Chance Of Becoming Cap, TWICE

Yes, that’s right. Evans was eager to give up on an opportunity that has given flight to his acting career. When he approached by the Marvel production team, Chris was in a phase of social anxiety that convinced him this movie wasn’t for him.

It was Downey Jr. who managed to convince him to do it at the end. The two have been great friends ever since.

Marvel Top 5 Cast Secrets
Captain America

4. Loki: Tom Hiddleston (Marvel Top 5 Cast Secrets)

We can all agree on the fact that no one could play Marvel’s villain, Loki, better than Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston has a unique quality to him that makes us impossible to hate Loki despite all the trouble he creates in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


A Man Of Many Languages

It might surprise many of you, but Hiddleston has other talents as well. He is passionate about languages. Among the languages, he can speak are French, Spanish and Italian.

Marvel Top 5 Cast Secrets

5. Hulk: Mark Ruffalo (Marvel Top 5 Cast Secrets)

At 52, Ruffalo is an established American actor and producer. We’ve seen him in Marvel playing Hulk, a character he adorably blends in. Ruffalo brings out a side of Hulk that we’ve never witnessed before.

A Superhero For His Family

Ruffalo is a real superhero, since he always puts others before himself, especially his family.

Ruffalo was shocked when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was a difficult time for him. But even then, he put his family first. His wife was a week away from labor, and he didn’t want to add to her stress. He waited a week after their son was born to disclose his illness to his family.

Marvel Top 5 Cast Secrets

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