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Marvel- Learn From Ant-Man To Stay Busy During Social Distancing


David Mudd

Marvel’s Ant-man is a superhero who is funny, witty, intelligent and smart. The world is deciding to stay inside their homes by a virus named COVID-19. There are still some people who are facing some problems staying inside their home, and for them, we have some pro tips. These tips are from Ant-man; this superhero can teach you some real lessons about social distancing.

How To Stay Away From People: Ant-Man Style:


So, when we watched Ant-Man, we might not have realized this, but he stays inside his house for most of his time. He spends time on his laptop or with his daughter. He does chores and never leaves the house because he is in house arrest by authorities. Whatever the reason was, he never looked uncomfortable staying inside his house for long. 

There are some times when he leaves the house, but he has valid reasons for that. He always gets in the house without disturbing anyone or touching anyone. If we follow the same approach, we might also get through this Pandemic. 

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What More Can We Do?

So, you just read how to stay safe like a superhero now lets come back to some basic things. People should maintain their hygiene and keep themselves clean as much as possible. There is a reason behind this if you come in contact with the virus, but you clean it off from your body, chances of getting affected are reduced. 

You can wear a mask if you are around someone who is not well, it is not essential to wear it all the time. 

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Keep a sanitizer with you if you are going to a place where you might not wash your hands with water. These are a few basic things that you can do to stay safe like ordinary beings.

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What To Do In Quarantine?

The world is now asking, what can we do to pass this time. There is so much to do, and we humans can never stay happy. Earlier everyone wanted vacations, and now when we have them, we are creating a panic. Stay patient, watch movies and keep yourself healthy. 

We can learn many new skills, and many good books we can read. Just look around, you will find something interesting to do.