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Marvel: Disneyland To Set Up All New Avengers Campus To Open In July

Introduction (Avengers Campus)

If you’re a hardcore MCU fan, how would you like to get yourself enrolled in an Avengers Freshers course? How would you like to give an edge to your mystical side and learn some wizardry with Doctor Strange? Or how about going through a rigorous Dola Milaje training program? Would you like to enhance your scientific arena by researching with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner?

No, it’s not a dream! It’s real! Yes, you heard me right. You can learn all of these and many more if you would like to get admitted in the Avengers campus which is currently under construction in the Disneyland in California Adventure Park. The campus is slated for its inauguration this July on the 18th. I mean what better could it be then learning all that you wanted from the Avengers themselves. Isn’t it mindboggling?

Disneyland already has their Star Wars-themed galaxy park which is a massive construction and is much bigger than the Avengers campus. But we wouldn’t definitely mind the size or area, would we?

We get what we want, a true experience of the MCU with the characters themselves. They will welcome new recruits (a.k.a Disneyland visitors) into their sprawling campus. It was Disneyland’s attempt to bring out Marvel off the screen and place it under reality so that fans can have a real experience of it.

The Avengers Campus 

The campus is located in the old A Bug’s Land area of the California Adventure Park. It’s divided into two distinct sections. The Guardians of the Galaxy are already represented with Taneleer Tivan’s cosmic tower and Mission: Breakout, but there’s also the main Avengers building, a mystical outdoor Sanctum, the high-tech Pym Test Kitchen, and the newly established Worldwide Engineering Brigade, a.k.a. WEB.

The Avengers recruitment building is new in its own terms. It has the same massive, shiny centrepiece topped with the gleaming Quinjet the one shown in the films. But it has it’s own unique touch, it’s own universe carved out for its own fandom. Visitors will be able to meet their own superheroes and shall also see the debut of the new villain, “The Taskmaster.”

Will There Be Ironman And Black Widow?

Of course, they will be there. But that’s the question, how are they alive and well-meeting visitors after you know what happened to them. To this one of the creative executive directors of the parks explained that they might have sadly died in the films which are one multiverse but in their version of multiverse they are alive and well.

So keep counting days till July and who knows you can be the next Avenger recruit. All the best!!

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