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Marvel Comics:10 Richest Characters And How Much They’re Worth


David Mudd

Marvel Comics: The 10 Richest Characters, Ranked (& How Much They’re Worth)

In our favourite Marvel world, there are a few characters who struggle to keep a low-paying job in continuance, while there are others, who earn millions. And this is not me hovering around with facts and figures Marvel Comics.

This estimation is a product of absolute research of the Marvel Comics book characters and their daily shenanigans.

So here I go, ranking the top 10 richest characters in Marvel comics:

1. Emma Frost

Emma Frost

We first saw her in X Men: First Class. She can transform her body into diamonds in an instance. She HAS to be the most worthy! Alright, alright. Jokes apart, she is the owner of Frost International Company which manufactures electrical and transportation equipment, grossing a total of 1.3 billion dollars!

2. Peter Parker (Marvel Comics)

Peter Parker

I know, I know. You must be wondering, “Isn’t he a middle-class boy still in college?” Well, not really. In the comics, he goes on to complete his PhD right after college and becomes the owner of Parker Industries, fetching him a massive 2 billion dollars!

3. Professor X

Professor X

If you’ve watched the X men movies, you absolutely know what I’m talking about. Running a school for gifted children, Charles gets a hell lot of donation! More so, having been born to seemingly filthy rich parents, his net worth automatically rises to around 3.5 billion dollars!

4. Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic

Fantastical enough, he is worth 12 billion dollars! Mister Fantastic aka Reed Richards, a doting husband and father, inherited his property and money from the government itself. He did pretty much a lot of data-based scientific work. He later founded as well as funded the study of the Fantastic Four!

5. Norman Osborn (Marvel Comics)

Norman Osborn

The death-defying rival of Spiderman, Norman Osborn, aka Green Goblin, is the owner of around 10 billion dollars. His industrial company is hugely successful and he inherited much of his wealth! Sly!

6. Tony Stark 

Tony Stark
Tony Stark

Aka our favourite, Iron Man! He is worth 80 billion dollars.  How you ask? Well, one by inheritance of parental property and second, by selling plenty of weaponry.

7. Black Panther

Black Panther
Black Panther 2

And the secret to his wealth? Well, you do know where he resides, right? Yes, Wakanda! So you must also be knowing what lies beneath their home ground? Vibranium! And Vibranium costs 10,000 dollars per GRAM. HUGE. So apparently he is worth 90.7 TRILLION dollars! *sigh*

8. Aquaman (Marvel Comics)


The ruler of water with a deadly worth of 150 trillion dollars! Yeah, you read it right. 150 TRILLION dollars. I’ll explain it to you. Water, having occupied 3/4th of Earth’s space, whatever resources and minerals are found in it, as such, is totally his own!

9. Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom

Aka Victor Von Doom, the ruler of Latveria, has a job in real estate that grabs him a shitload of money! His personal fortune, his business and his reputation as a foreign grandee grants him enough power to sustain the wealth he possesses! Guess his net worth? 100 billion dollars!

10. Kingpin


As much as we detest bad men, we can’t help but gawk at Kingpin’s fortune. He is an owner of 40 billion dollars! Taking over Rigoletto’s crime stance, he inherits his empire, does drug trafficking as well as human trafficking. And as dubious as it sounds, Kingpin, aka Wilson Fisk is a man of formidable strength.

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