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Marvel: Ant-Man Star Evangeline Lilly Is Not Up For Social Distancing, Find Out Why


David Mudd

Evangeline Lilly, who starred as the “Wasp” in Ant-Man, is currently the subject of gossip all over. We’ll tell you why.

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Lilly’s Instagram Post That’s Creating All The Havoc (Evangeline Lilly)

Lilly, a mother to two sons, posted a picture on Instagram this Monday. The post contained a picture of her morning tea.

Evangeline Lilly

Alongside the picture was its caption. In it, she wrote about just being back from dropping her kids off. The boys had a gymnasium camp and were attending. Lilly wrote how they washed their hands and were off to have fun.

With the post, she added a hashtag #businessasusual.

People’s Outrage At Lilly’s Post

People responded to Lilly’s casual treatment of the global crisis outrageously. Many called her selfish, ignorant, misinformed and irresponsible. What made people madder was the fact that she made light of being a public figure.

As a celebrity, many people look up to her. It is her responsibility to send a positive message. Quite contrary to it, Lilly is encouraging people to take the threat lightly. This could lead to the large-scale spread of COVID-19 for which she’d be responsible.

Evangeline Lilly

People have suggested that she educate herself. They’ve reprimanded her for using social media to send out the wrong message.

Lilly’s Response To The People 

To such strong comments, Evangeline Lilly responded by saying she is one of those who choose their freedom over their lives. She also called Coronavirus a mere “respiratory flu”, which clearly reflects her ignorance.

Lilly also raised her concern about the whole crisis being a facade of the government. She went on to state that she thinks that all of it might be a move to gain complete control over people and their privacy.

Evangeline Lilly

Lilly also connected the outbreak to the US elections, saying, “it’s something every year”.

Well, we genuinely think Lilly is acting hysterical, and also extremely careless in the process. Whatever she thinks might be happening, it’s still imperative that she follows quarantine. For the sake of others if not for her own.

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