Married at First Sight Season 14 Who Is Still Together :Who’s Dating Who?


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From Jasmina and Michael and Katina and Olajuwon, discover which Married At First Sight Season 14 couples are still together.

 With the UK only just releasing season 6 of Married At First Sight UK, it’s going to be awhile before it reaches the countries as the couples will have to face the same obstacles they do in the US interpretation. Hopefully, this time’s additions will partake the same success as the season 14 US pairings, as, in a rare feat, 8 of the 10 rivals on the show said yes to marrying their mate, with only two concluding to divorce by the season’s end.

While it has only been three months since the couples made their decision in season 14, a lot of effects have changed for numerous addict favorite pairings. Where a many couples have reached several important mileposts, a many others have decided to call time on their connections. It may be heartbreaking once observers learn who is not together presently, but they should take comfort in knowing that numerous do look happy with their final decision.

 Jasmina & Michael- No Longer Together

Later incontinently saying yes to marrying each other to begin the season of the popular Continuance television show, Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency love was slow but steady throughout the show. The early nonage preceptor and particular coach both devote their lives to the enhancement of others and sounded like a perfect match fated for eternal connubial bliss.

 Despite their lack of a real romantic connection, the two were determined to make effects work and agreed to stay wedded on decision day.

married at first sight season 14 who is still together

Unfortunately, Jasmina and Michael resolve one week after the final occasion, crushing the hearts of suckers far and wide. Per Cheatsheet, Jasmina criticized the condensed time frame for their lack of connection and latterly insulted Michael for giving a poor trouble to regain their bond.

effects have come so strained between the two that Jasmina claims they’re no longer musketeers and do not indeed talk presently after Michael made hurtful commentary about her out- camera while rephotographing the reunion occasion in Married At First Sight.

 Katina & Olajuwon- Still Together

When Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson ( Married At First Sight) got married to begin the season of the shamefaced- pleasure reality courting show available on Hulu, suckers incontinently knew that had the eventuality to go the distance.

The two 29- time- pasts had instant chemistry and both took the show’s process seriously and pledged to concentrate on the cons of their mate rather than carp the negatives. As similar, it’s no surprise to report the two are still happily wedded three months after saying” I do.”

 According to Katina during the reunion occasion( viaE! Online),” The show really does work as long as you both are there for the right reasons, and you truly want to be married.” Olajuwon agreed, saying” Focus on your marriage. Really get to know your person. See what value they bring to your life, that is how you grow.”

Fans can see their one- time festivity print on Katina’s Instagram, in which she beams” we’ve come not only suckers but stylish musketeers.”

married at first sight season 14 who is still together

Lindsey & Mark- No Longer Together

Occasionally two people simply love the idea of getting married further than they love their factual mate. Such a description applies to Lindsey Georgoulis and Mark Maher ( Married At First Sight), a brace ofmid-30 mates who always wanted to get wedded but noway set up the right match.

Both said” I Do” to begin season 14, only to see their marriage fizzle due to Mark’s ceaseless social media dependence , which led to several explosive arguments before the season concluded. While they agreed to stay wedded on Decision Day, Lindsey and Mark resolve five months latterly.

 According to Mark on the reunion occasion( via InTouch Weekly),” it was some of the worst arguments I have had in my life. The fact that we fought every single week and the fact you went for my throat in every single fight is what caused me to say’ I am Out.'”

After intimately affronting his intellect, Lindsey called Mark a” pathetic f *** ing clunker” during a notorious bowling alley in the alternate reunion occasion. While Mark accepted her reason for the comment and did not rule out being musketeers in the future, the two are no longer together in August 2022. still, like their other Married At First Sight season 14 cast members, they’ve gotten up to some intriguing effects moment.

 Noi & Steve- No Longer Together

 Addict favorite couple Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy ( Married At First Sight) had a great connection right from the jump on the cherished reality courting show and agreed to stay wedded during Decision Day.

While it was no secret that they had some issues to work on moving forward, it did feel like they would manage to make it work, with Steve taking to Instagram to partake a snap of the two together and assure suckers that he and Noi were navigating through their marriage in June 2022. sorely, a month latterly, both independently verified that they had decided to get disassociated.

 Putatively at peace with the decision, Noi posted a sand holiday snap on Instagram identified with” Divorce feels good.”

married at first sight season 14 who is still together

Meanwhile, Steve expressed a lengthy philippic attesting the split, stating on Instagram” I knew that our relationship was far from perfect, but I held the belief that with enough time, trouble, and understanding, we could overcome the challenges we faced, and make a healthy, performing relationship.” Of all the splits ( Married At First Sight), this one may hurt suckers the most.

 Alyssa & Chris- No Longer Together

 Since Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette got disassociated during the show after just 12 days of marriage, it’s no shock at all to report the two have remained piecemeal since season 14 concluded.

It sounded Alyssa was noway veritably smitten with Chris to begin the show, and he lamented what little trouble she put into their marriage. Looking back, Alyssa expressed regrets in the reunion occasion, putting as important blame on herself as Chris.

 In the reunion occasion( via US), Alyssa stated” I came into this with the purest intentions. I wanted to find my person further than anything. When it did not work out for me, I shocked and did not handle myself the way I would have liked. And I am sorry for that.”

married at first sight season 14 who is still together

According to The Sun, Chris has formerly moved on by dating  Married At First Sight Season 11 cast member Olivia Cornu, whom he flew out from New Orleans to Boston for an sanctioned first date. As for Alyssa, she’s been enjoying some summery sand time with her ladyloves in the history, which she’s proved on Instagram.


 Continuance’s Married at First Sight brought to American television what’s extensively rehearsed in numerous societies of the world marrying total nonnatives after a third party matches them on the base of certain traits.

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